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What Does Satan Have Too Do With It?

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Ok, you say, where is the Satan in Satanism? Do you worship the Devil or what? Cause worshipping the Devil isn't very smart you know, the Bible says he loses in the end. You're absolutely right. The Christian concept of Satan does indeed lose in the end, according to the Christian Bible. But the Christian Devil has absolutely nothing to do with the Satan of Satanism. Really the only thing these two have in common is the name Satan, which actually pre-dates Christianity, so we're in the clear when we use it.The Christian Satan is no more than a scapegoat, a mean little man who runs around messing up anything God does. He is something Christians can blame for their problems... "Oh the Devil ...view middle of the document...

We should enjoy it! Why sacrifice earthly pleasure and gratification for a make-believe life after death, in the clouds? Satan represents, as part of Human Nature, deeds and ways of thinking that promote and enhance the enjoyment and prolonging of this existence. If we are attacked, we will fight back fiercely, for self-preservation is the highest law. If we turn the other cheek and love our enemies, then we are at their mercy, and I for one just can't imagine an existence like that being enjoyable. Satan stands for the enjoyment of our fleshly bodies, that's right.. sex. Sex isn't an evil thing, or a disgusting thing. Lust is a very basic instinct, and the most important for without lust there would be no Humanity! Greed, ambition, envy as well are good things. If man never had a desire to improve his situation and environment, you would not be reading this on a computer, in fact you wouldn't be reading at all! You would be wandering around like an unevolved ape catching small animals to eat raw. Without envy or greed there never would have been a civilization to spawn the "great" religions which preach against them! How hypocritical it is to reach a point in development where you turn your back on everything that got you there! Satan represents respect of the environment as far as the environment is both necessary and beneficial to...

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