What Human Beings Do To The Nature Is Still Bad Literture Of Nature Essay

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What Human Beings Do to the Nature is Still Bad
Farmers rely on rainfall to feed their crops. The fishermen depend on the sea to survive. All foods that human beings get, every breath of fresh air, and every comfortable rest environment are all come from nature. With these, people's technology is improving day by day, and the quality of life is getting higher and higher. Over time, people take for granted that the benefits of nature are well deserved. So who will protect the natural environment? Look at what we have done facing the nature. Keep asking for the earth, selfish destruction or protection? Actually, although we realize that the environment is being destroyed by us, what we do for protection still less than claim.
In the article, “What Holds the Water, What Holds the Light”, Linda Hogan discusses the prospect of how humanity has become detached from the natural world. She highlights how humanity does not know how to properly treat nature. Everything the natural environment provides us are “gifts”, and yet humans have accustomed themselves to take these “gifts” for granted and have become only interested in expanding use and efficiency. In modern society, these “gifts” are perceived as containers of potential human use and “not as containers in a greater, holier sense” (Hogan 176). Hogan notes that in some cases there may even be complete disregard or even hate for nature. This hate being spurred from what nature lacks.
Linda Hogan clearly interprets the main contradiction between humans and nature: all efforts we did are made to conquer nature and to meet the basic needs of survival and reproduction. In my opinion, I agree with what she said. From the view of the whole world, the destruction of nature by human unreasonable activities began to intensify from about 5000 years of agricultural civilization. Forest and grassland have been severely damaged by deforestation and overgrazing, resulting in soil erosion and desertification, and the loss rate of biodiversity is much higher than that of natural loss. Especially since eighteenth Century, human beings have stepped into industrial civilization from agricultural civilization. With the development of industry and the rapid growth of the population, human claims demand for nature has increased sharply. Coupled with environmental pollution, biodiversity worldwide has been severely damaged and reduced at an alarming rate. The destruction of the natural environment has caused thousands of wild animals to die out. Talking to the modern times, humans consumes a lot of resources every day while producing garbage and discharging industrial waste gas. This is an inevitable problem that human beings have to face with the development of the times. Because of waste and pollution, nonrenewable resources are scarce. People's sense...


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