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“What If?” Project
What If the Atom Bomb failed to go off?
On the day of August 6, 1945 the United States sent out a B-29 bomber to drop an atomic
bomb over the Japanese City, Hiroshima. As the bomb was dropped onto the city it failed to go
off. As the flier went off he looked back to see the bomb didn't go off. After seeing this America
cancels their plan of a second attack to be taken place on Nagasaki. Out of fear that the second
bomb would fail America began studying and reviewing what could have gone wrong. The
United States had failed in their attempt to demonstrate strength. World War II would go on for 5
more years.
Japan discovers Americas true intentions for dropping the bomb. They discovered the
bomb was no ordinary bomb but a weapon of mass destruction. Japan plans a counter strike
against America, they will use Americas very own weapon against them. News of what the
United States tried to do went around the world. The United States had become target by many.
The United States actions caused other countries to see them as a threat, a threat to be feared and
The Axis alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan crafted a plan to eliminate the United States
for good so they can never be a problem again. In the span of 4 years the Axis alliance have
made their very own sets of atomic bombs. Germany, Japan, and Italy attacked the United States
from both coasts. As they moved inland they sent out planes with atomic bombs to drop.
German, Italian, and Japanese planes all dropped atomic bombs on the United...

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