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What Insights Have You Gained About Change From Robert Gray's "North Coast Town"?

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The word change means to become different or undergo alteration. It is a complex topic that has a range of meanings and concepts involved in it. Three important concepts about change can be highlighted in the poem "North Coast Town" written by Robert Gray. This poem describes the changes that have occurred in a small coast town. The town has become and will continue to become commercialised and industrialised. This process has removed the natural beauty of the area displaying the negative change occurring in the town. The three major insights that have been gained in this poem are an understanding that change can be viewed with different forms/ opinions, how change creates a greater ...view middle of the document...

This irony is also used in the mention of a 'shell station' which should refer to nature, but is iconic of modern technology and cars. These instances can only be identified and commented on by Gray because of his consciousness of the changes occurring in his town. This therefore illustrates how a comparison of now and then- an analysis of the change- results in appreciation of what was once there.Another important concept identified is: how one views change depends upon their context or perspective. Change can be viewed in different forms. For example the Aboriginal mentioned in this poem 'pass an Abo, not attempting to hitch, outside town' is isolated and directionless. This is similar to the feelings of Robert Gray who uses a detached and unemotional tone to give the reader greater understanding of his feelings. No adjectives or descriptions are used by Grey therefore making it more meaningful and powerful as it allows the reader to make there own conclusions. The feelings of the Aboriginal and Gray are contrasted to what the reader imagines the developers mentioned in the poem would be feeling. Gray comments that 'the place is becoming chrome, tile- facing and plate- glass.' This is viewed as a beneficial development by construction workers and developers; however Gray only identifies the emptiness and the coldness. This difference in opinions about change is also identified through the use of simile 'like a fancy- dress Inca; the 'Coronation', a warehouse picture show.' Both of these images project an image of over the top ceremony and phony man- made attempts of beauty; however they are also viewed by the town as part of the process of commercialisation, therefore a good change. Therefore the reader can gather that change can be seen as a beneficial or detrimental concept depending on the context/ perspective.Lastly from North Coast Town an understanding about some specific types of change can be gained. Dynamic change is an important type of change identified as well as visible and invisible change. Firstly, dynamic change can be explained as change that has a ripple or chain effect. It highlights the concept that change is influenced by surrounding change and the idea that change may not be necessary but it is inevitable. Dynamic change can be illustrated in the...

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