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What Is Abortion, And Should Is It Moral?

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The abortion conflict is one of the most argumentative and opinionated topics of the twenty-first century. There is much controversy over the fact of whether or not the mother has the right to terminate her pregnancy for therapeutic reasons, also whether the fetus is an actual baby, or just a cluster of cells. There are basically two sides to the argument, the ones that are for it, Pro Choice, and the ones that are against it, Pro Life. Through much research and consideration, and though both arguments are very strong, the immorality of abortion has proven to have a stronger argument. There are many complications that may be induced by having an abortion. In women under twenty there ...view middle of the document...

Some additional complications may include serious pelvic infections and extensive bleeding that may require surgery or a blood transfusion. There are several think that most mothers do not realize about the fetus they are intending to abort. The bare minimum a baby can survive is twenty weeks. About nineteen percent are aborted between the weeks thirteen to twenty-four. The heart beat of a baby begins between the eighteenth and twenty-fifth day (two to three weeks). Ninety-eight percent of abortions are performed after week five. Electrical brain waves have been recorded as early as forty days (five to six weeks). There are several reasons that a women would choose to have an abortion. She cannot afford a baby right now, she is not ready for the way that becoming a parent will change her life, or it would be hard for her to keep a job or continue her education with a child to care for. Some other common reasons include, she does not want to be a single parent, she is not ready for the responsibility that having a baby will place on her, She does not want anyone to know that she has had sex or is pregnant, she was the victim of rape or incest, she has all the children that she wants or herhusband, partner, or parent wants her to have an abortion. Also about fifteen thousand women have abortions each year because they become pregnant due to a rape or incest. The safety of abortion is majority dependent upon how far along the pregnancy is. Ninety-eight percent of abortions are performed between five and twenty-four weeks, with a majority of the pregnancies being terminated between the weeks of seven and thirteen. The high gestation at the time of the abortion is around twenty-four weeks. The average maturity of the pregnancy when the baby is aborted is ten weeks, and the low time of pregnancy is four weeks. Though popular belief is that most pregnancies are aborted by low income, single teenage girls, that is not necessarily true, they happen in every environment, and in every lifestyle. The numbers on income are just about even spread out across the board, with thirty-three percent having an income of under five thousand dollars per year, thirty-nine percent had an annual income of between five thousand and fifteen thousand dollars, and on the other end of the spectrum, twenty-nine percent have an income of fifteen thousand to over twenty thousand annually. As for marital status, eight percent were engaged, seventeen percent were married, eleven percent were separated, and and whopping sixty-five percent were single. As for their age at the time of the abortion, the average age is twenty one years. The majority of the abortions lie in the range of fifteen to twenty-four years, with a total of seventy-five percent of all abortions. About three percent are under the age of fifteen, and those twenty-five and over totaling twenty-two percent. So there is really no "ideal woman" that aborts her baby. The women come from all...

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