What Is Important In Scientific Investigation? Uci Bio 199 Research Paper

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Nazanin Rahat
Term paper, Bio 199
Longhurst/Malik lab
What is important in scientific investigation?
Scientific researches aim to gather all the observations, hypothesis, experiments, knowledge and data together in order to first identify the relationships and, second …mechanisms and third create new solutions to the exciting problem. The role of scientific investigation and experiment is to transform the theoretical ideas into practical and testable form .Then the scientist in position should convert all hypothesized techniques and strategies to prove the accuracy of the hypothesis. Another wordsword, the scientific research is the objective method for proving an observation, claim or hypothesis. The importance of the scientific research is that, despite the theoretical and hypothesized information, the scientific research is mincing real life situation and seeking for functioning and accurate solution to these situation. Conducting scientific research is valuable in terms of inventing, promoting and developing the information and the knowledge that would drive inventions and discoveries that will lead to better, healthier and longer life. The most fascinating and important criteria in scientific researches is not to limit the investigation to any boundary or restriction and go beyond the personal biases and critical thinkingsthinking.
From many perspectives, the scientific investigation have buildbuilt the foundation and bases of any profound knowledge in the world. The most unique and precious criteria in research is to pass all the limits and follow the adventurous experiment without any fear of being wrong, however, the scientist should be open to critics and be able to justify his findings. In addition the scientist should admit and accept his mistakes and accept new ideas to test. The other remarkable condition in doing scientific investigation is that science in endless and the scientist can expand and extend his research as much as he gets the desirable answer to his problem. Comment by stjenalo: Negative outcome is also am important knowledge. Comment by stjenalo: This is part of trouble shooting. Comment by stjenalo: Scientific principles are complex Comment by stjenalo: No such thing. One either prove or disprove the hypothesis/null hypothesis.
Mmost importantly, scientific investigations will benefit human race by enabling them to gain knowledge through mimicking their life’s condition on animals and do experiments on them in order to further their knowledge about animal’s and human’s life and health . This integrated information can advantage humans by suggesting solutions to the problems or even risk factors in the environment which threaten individual’s lives. This knowledge would also enable humans to make more accurate decisions and invent new tools to improve the quality of their life. healthMedical research also hasprovides remarkable benefit for the society through epidemiological, preclinical and clinical studies...


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