What Is The Effect Of Long Distance On Relationships? Norfolk State University 2021 Essay

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Craisean King
Christopher Moore
Composition 1
30 November 2018
My Expectations
Before I came to college I hated writing because I would always think I did well on an essay and I did not. I tried to get better but that did not work. I tried to not overthink on what to write. It worked for me on my final exam in high school which is the reason I made it to college.
When I first got to college I was expected to get an A in composition, but I fell short of that. But, I am motivated on not failing the course, so I am trying my best not to fail the course. All my friends use to tell me they had to take that course several times because they would fall short to pass. To myself I thought I would fall short too because they were the ones that had better grades than me in high school. So to me I expected that I would fail the course, but in my head I had to use that as motivation because I did not want to be like them. I wanted to be better.
Enrolling in this course, has shown me better writing, and my writing from Virginia State has become quite better. My argument essay was my best writing even though that was my worst graded one. The argument essay was the essay that showed my weakness, because it was hard for me to process what I was thinking on the paper. I am one of the best writers I just know how to explain what I be trying to say, also time management is a weakness.
            My feelings towards composition is like a relationship. It goes well for some time then suddenly it all falls apart. Then I have to do everything in my power to get it back right. I compare those two things because in a relationship there are times when I got to do better to make the significant other happy for a mistake I made. Likewise, if I fail a test I got study harder for the next one. When I first came to class I was shy, but as days went by I started to come out my shell seeing others say what they wrote in ...


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