What Is The Greatest Security Concern In The World Today School Assignment

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What is the biggest threat facing the world today?
This essay will focus on human security, particularly environmental security as the biggest threat facing the world today. This essay will emphasise on the link between environmental changes with survival and conflict. it begins by defining environmental security and in which branch of security environmental security belongs to, the essay further explains the global causes of climate change and why it should and is being treated as a security threat. Bangladesh will be used as the main case study as its one of the most hit countries by the devastating effects of climate change. This essay will use data from the United nations as the main reference in regards to Bangladeshi population,evidence on climate change, health impacts of climate change and more.
This essay will analyse the causes of climate change and why Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to natural disasters . this essay will examine how global warming causes natural disasters every year which are;
· Floods (Almost 80% of the total area of the country is prone to flooding).
· Cyclones and Storm Surges (South and South-eastern Parts of the country were hit by Tropical Cyclones during the last few years).
· Salinity Intrusion (Almost the whole Coastal Belt along the Bay of Bengal is experiencing Salinity problem).
· Extreme Temperature and Drought (North and North-western regions of the country are suffering because of the Extreme Temperature problem).
Sectoral Impacts
· Agriculture and Fisheries
· Water Resources and Hydrology
· Coastal Areas
· Forestry / Biodiversity
· Vulnerable groups
This essay will begin by defining climate change secondly it will explore the devastating effects of climate change on Bangladesh it will then discuss causes and evidence of climate change argue in what ways climate change is the biggest security concern in Bangladesh, this essay will also show very specific figures on death tolls caused by climate change, diseases, displacements and land conflicts. It will then link climate change and security. Lastly this essay will explore what has been done in terms of policy and suggest what has to be done to address this security concern.
Security is defined as freedom from external threats to a nation’s core values or capability to stand firm against such threats. Traditionally security focuses on military power, causes of war and economic strength which is consistent with realism but over the years the scope of security has expanded and today security covers areas which are people- centred such as food, health, environmental, economic,political and community this is known as human security. Human security involves person's freedom from fear and freedom from wants and beyond.(Elliott, 2015, 3)
Environmental security is a branch of human security, it focuses on the threat posed by the environment to communities and nations as whole. According to NASA in the past 100 years the average global temperature has risen by...

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