What It Means To Be An American Today

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America as we know It

The Statue of Liberty, baseball, McDonalds, democracy --- these are things that could connotatively define America to anybody. We have big buildings and a culture like no other; we are today's Rome. However we have come a long way to reach this point and we should never forget the sacrifices and hardships of our forefathers. We should always remember what it means to be an American, why we are unique, and how we should live.

To be an American today means to be wealthier than ninety percent of the world. It means one is educated and has a bright future to look forward to. Although many people might look at this and feel prideful and arrogant we should be humbled ...view middle of the document...

The patriotism that runs through our country is overwhelming and can mend any problem. I am so proud to be an American in today's age and know I am blessed beyond measure.

Although there are other countries that are as industrialized and modern as America, we are still unique in many ways. While other countries must face the intolerable acts of a dictator or general we get to elect whom we want to run our country. It is amazing the things we have overcome as a nation that make us who we are. We have built this great nation from nothing. We are unique from other countries in almost every single way. While you can tell what a person from India or China looks like you cant tell what an America looks like because we are a melting pot of culture. We embrace change and are not subject to past trends that are irrelevant. America has everything from beautiful mountain ranges to jaw dropping architecture.

We have so much to brag about and showcase here in America that it can sometimes overwhelm us. I believe that we should take merit for ourselves but acknowledge why we are so blessed. It is not because of our crazy parties and alternative lifestyles but rather because of hard work and integrity. Although we should embrace change and toleration we shouldn't grow away from our roots. We should remember the things that made this nation a great nation from the start. We should be good stewards of the morals and convictions that our forefathers had and replicate their passion for equality and freedom. If choose to grow away from these principles we will not have the America we love in the future. America is hands down the best place on Earth but we must keep it that way for the next generation.

At the end of the day America continues to be a great nation full of great people and to be an American today in age is the best thing to be in the world.


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