Assignment On What Really Happened At Masada?

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Professor ClineAnthropology 188Masada Position PaperAt one of the lowest points on Earth, by the Dead Sea in Israel, a flat-topped mountain called Masada "became a metaphor for the new state of Israel-a place where, Jews making their last stand against the Romans, three years after Jerusalem fell in 70 A.D., finally chose mass suicide over surrender. "Never again will Masada fall" became the refrain (Ben-Yehuda et al, 1998)." According to historian Josephus Flavius in his writings in The Jewish War, over 900 zealots fled Jerusalem's destruction in 70 AD to a fortress built by Herod called Masada where they held out under Roman siege until 73 AD when Roman troops finally breached its wal ...view middle of the document...

More likely, as the Romans broke through the wall, some rebels killed themselves and their families, others probably fought to death, and the troops, having no reason to take prisoners, massacred the rest as they had in Jerusalem.Despite his position as historian, Josephus Flavius's writings cannot be assumed true. First, in contrast to his claim, Josephus was not present at Masada. In his account, Josephus only mentions the Northern Palace at Masada, despite the existence of both a Northern and Western Palace, the latter of which played a large a role in the siege Josephus described. Most likely, he got his information from detailed diaries and reports of the Roman legion that fought there (Cline Lecture 4/11/06). More importantly, regardless of whether Josephus had been present at the siege or not, he still had no way of knowing the crucial details of the suicide or the speeches if they indeed happened. If the events did transpire, then all the participants would be dead, and even the survivors that are said to have reported everything to the Romans, would have known little. These few women and children were not present when Ben Yair made his speech, and within their cistern, would certainly not have been able to eavesdrop.Additionally, for the Zealots to have time for their speeches and mass suicide, they needed the night Josephus reported they had, but where the Roman soldiers actually pressed their advantage - - just as they always did. It is extremely unlikely that the Romans would have waited one whole night before they stormed the mountain. In ...


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441 words - 2 pages way they dress and act during the meets.Many of theses wrestlers enjoy being trained by their trainers they are really material comfort.Progress all the contest were really looking forword to be a wwf superstar They really used the tools like work out machines and computer and how to eat a very good meal by using science.The contest fell very loyalty to their country because what happened and they planed to donate money.The shows really matter to thousands of people and all the want you not to do is this at home and just let them do all the hard work. If you do this at home make sure you be really careful so you don't hurt anyone or hurt yourself.

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422 words - 2 pages Anthony Webb Introduction to Literature June 23, 2017 Araby In the story, Araby, the narrator’s desperate attempt to get the girl’s attention involved a few things that changed his character as a person. First of all, the narrator seemed to have been focused and driven, living each day as the previous day until he saw a young lady on the doorstep in his neighborhood that really caught his eye. This girl happened to be his friend’s sister and he

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1125 words - 5 pages whole winter holidays, feels bad for what happened during this year and can't wait the new year to come to refresh everything. But at school, her old relations continue to ask her for drugs. It is stronger than her, she has to take drugs and finds out she is really addicted to them. Her friend Chris and her get caught by the police and are then on probation. After March 5th, there is a "hole" in the dairy. Without really knowing what

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514 words - 3 pages across the street from the Twin Towers. The whole city of New York lost its composure as the entire country watched the World Trade Center in a fury of bright flames and debris flying from the building. “What just happened?” No one knew what to do at the sight of sheer chaos. Fire fighters were lost in the unbearable sight. People on the streets running away and losing it in terror. Everyone stared. Wide eyed and devastated. America was at War

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461 words - 2 pages the may people that could be wearing the same clothing as the suspect, or filing a report of a stolen car and only give the model and color of the car and no license plate. Another thing that I would like to add is at the end of the movie when Kenny was proven innocent, was that why was Nancy Taylor not at court, and why can she not be convicted even though Betty and Barry got the truth of what really happened with ex officer Nancy Taylor

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707 words - 3 pages the little room above the shop, they would have never grown so fond of each other, and most importantly of all they would have never been caught. Again the character of Me. Charrington shows just how big and powerful the party really is. The Party is so powerful that they can watch someone for so long that they know exactly what they will do next, and they know just what to do to trick them into being caught. Which is exactly what happened in

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931 words - 4 pages living room with an unhappy face. I then said to her "Where is dad? What happened to him? Please tell me I really want to know." She looks up and hugs me tightly, Garza2 feeling her arms wrap around me and we both started to shed tears. She then wipes her tears away and looks me in the eyes and says "Your dad has cancer, he does not know yet, I told the doctors not to tell him because he can get worse thinking about that so I decided that I want

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493 words - 2 pages Savannah McDowell Laws of Life Essay Going through a traumatic experience at a young age such as i ,16 can alter a child in ways you would never think of. At night when i lay down i think of how my mental status could be if maybe what is going on rn and what has happened to me in the past had not of happened at all.Would i be a normal mentally stable kid who doesn't know what she wasn't supposed to learn yet,i will never have the privilege

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940 words - 4 pages Day 1Dear Diary,The most amazing and magical thing happened to me today at the masquerade! I believe I am in love...not just any love, but true love. I was not especially excited for the ball, and when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I was having. Aside the fact that mother was trying to set me up with this young man, Paris. She wants me to be married, and keeps telling me about how she was married well before my years. To

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569 words - 3 pages story starts by the character describing their location. There was really no information given on the character; no name, no gender, nothing. The character is at a restaurant where breakfast is served. The sign on the window is what grabbed their attention to try this restaurant. “The place had an appealing and old-fashioned look” (Fondation 226). The character talks about the menu, and how it is written on a chalkboard. The character is alone

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708 words - 3 pages . Throughout the passage and the book, Yancey does a great job organizing the plot of the story. During this passage she lets Cassie show us how she feels, “I want to scream at the top of my lungs,” (29). Cassie feels like she is going insane with no one around. It then gives a flashback explaining what happened and why she is lonely, “The Hum died on the tenth day after the Arrival…” (29). It really helps the reader understand Cassie and what she

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667 words - 3 pages . Griffin wasn't as bad as everyone thought he was. I think that she realized that the right thing to do was to tell the truth...tell everything that happened, she realized what the right thing to do was.I think that Betsy will end up going to jail for manslaughter. I think this because she not only was apart of everything that happened, but she listened to everything that Mark told her to do, and she killed Mr. Griffin. She will probably end up growing old in jail...or at least staying there for a very long time. She killed a man that was completely harmless and did not do anything to harm her, or hurt her!

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557 words - 3 pages really making everybody frustrated. What if that excuse wouldn't work, what would he do. Doubting thoughts ran across his mind.It was too late now to back out. He was asked to take off his mittens and to unbutton his coat. Although he was a little bit terrified, he tried acting tough. He stood there confident- Come on, frisk me! His overconfidence made him suspicious to everyone, just like he had something to hide. And that he did.The guard


523 words - 3 pages Free tectonics I was not entirely sure how it worked. At the time I just kept thinking of two plates converging and building a mountain. As I started to think about Mount Everest and the Appalachian Mountains I realized some mountains have just been there and nothing really ruptured for them to happen. Mountains are formed as a result of Earth’s plate tectonics converging together. As the plates converge it moves the plates up into the air, causing the

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952 words - 4 pages about racism because, as she reflected back on everything that happened at the trial, she realized that she didn’t fully understand what was going on because she’s so young. Even though she doesn’t fully grasp the idea, she wants to know more. She also realizes this knowledge will come to her with age and experience. At this point in the story Scout was reading the article Mr. Underwood wrote about Tom Robinson's death in the Maycomb Tribune