What Really Is Bipolar Disorder? St Michaels Essay

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Bipolar Disorder
Some people can experience dramatic changes in mood and energy. They may be happy for a minute and sad over the next. We might think they are just unstable, but they may be suffering from a much more serious condition. Good morning teachers, judges, and fellow students, today I will be talking to you about bipolar disorder.
Bipolar Disorder, previously known as manic depression, is a mental disorder that causes extreme mood swings. And who has bipolar disorder? Well, everyone can have it. In United States, approximately 5.7 million people have bipolar disorder. 5.7 million? That sounds like a lot but it only comes up to a minor percentage of their country.
People with bipolar disorder can experience periods of mania, hypomania, and depression. Mania is a mood state where their energy level is much higher than it should be. It would make them feel very energized and happy. Of course it’s good to feel happy but mania is more than just being happy. During mania, they’re probably not gonna be able to sleep. They would just be all over the place doing everything they feel like doing without thinking about what the consequences would be.
Hypomania is just a milder form of mania. During hypomania, they’re energy level would still be higher than normal but not as high as it is in mania.
Depression is basically the complete opposite of mania and hypomania. Instead of giving a person a high energy level, it would give them a negative outlook on life, lack of energy, and anxiety.
People with bipolar disorder would of course experience all of these mood states but not all at the same time. The kinds of mood state they are experiencing would determine what type of bipolar disorder they have.
There are three types...


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