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The Financial Accounting and Standards Board, FASB is an organization that sets down the accounting rules and guidelines that makeup Generally Accepted Accounting Principle, GAAP. The FASB developed the Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts, SFAC, to guide the Board in setting up standards in order to better understand accounting issues. SFAC No.1 explains the primary objectives in financial reporting. The primary objectives of financial reporting are to provide useful information to the people reviewing the financial report.  The people reviewing the financial report should get clear understanding of the public company and see whether or not the business is generating profit.  The information given entails future earnings of the public company. It explains that by providing the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow. The people who view the financial statements are investors, market analysis, creditors and auditors. With the information provided in the financial report, they are able to see how the business is being managed and how the management has been useful to the company. It is implicated for the needs of the users, like investors, creditors.  SAFC No. 2 explains the qualitative characteristics that are considered useful and understanding in the report for the users. The Primary decision-making qualities are Relevance and Reliability. The qualities within Relevance are the predictive value, feedback value and materiality. For Reliability the characteristics are Verifiability, neutrality, and representational faithfulness. Comparability including consistency is a secondary quality that relates to Relevance and reliability, finalizing with materiality.
When deciding what to put in the Accounting report one must have relevance. ...


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3717 words - 15 pages Free interpret and then continue, according to his own judgement of how to make the developing story as good as it can be.' Therefore, according to Dworkin there is, 'no law beyond the law'; contrary to the positivist thesis, there are no 'gaps' in the law. He argues that law and morals are inextricably entangled and therefore there cannot be a rule of recognition by which to identify what is 'law'. Nor does law, as a union of primary and secondary rules

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1051 words - 5 pages under the constitution in America will prove the historians correct in calling the American Revolution a conservative revolution.Cries of "No taxation without representative"(Bailey, p126) could be heard throughout cities in New England and all over America after the Stamp Act was passed on unwilling colonist. How could England tax the colonists? What gave England the right to tax the colonists? The colonist in America felt that Parliament had

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558 words - 3 pages comes unfairly. The wealthy parents are going to use their extra money to give their children an easier financial path. This easier path can be a really strong obstacle in order to get rid of class divisions. Wealthy people would not want their children to suffer and create their own future rather they would give all the unfair advantages they can provide just to make their children’s lives easier. When it happens the children are not part of

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1098 words - 5 pages darkness of our universe, but the question lies in what happens when one of these enormous lamps burns out. Upon many speculations, one of the most facinating is the black hole theory. Not any star can become a Black Hole. For instance, the possibility of our sun becoming a black hole is highly unlikely, simply because it is too small. Only a very large star has the potential to become a black hole.The definitions of black boles are somewhat

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2561 words - 11 pages cellulose contained in these materials. The wood would firstly need to be treated so that the lignin could be removed. Sugars from wood can then be fermented to alcohol (ethanol). A single- cell protein is produced when hydrolyzing yeast, which is grown on wood pulp.Pectins, (polysaccharides in the plant cell wall structure), are decomposed by the enzyme, 'pectinases' to shorter molecules of galacturonic acid. This can be broken down further to

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