What Role Did Christianity Play In The Mental Health Of The Active Soldiers During World War Ii? History Of The Americas Research Paper

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IB History HL Internal Assessment
What role did Christianity play in the mental health of the active soldiers during World War II?
Section 1: Identification and Evaluation of sources
This investigation will explore the question: What role did Christianity play in the mental health of the active soldiers during World War II? The dates 1939 to 1945 will be the centralized time period in which the investigation occurs. This allows an in-depth analysis of the details within the Christian religion, and how it impacted the mental being of the soldiers while fighting in World War II. BEYOND THE BATTLE: RELIGION AND AMERICAN TROOPS IN WORLD WAR II by Kevin L. Walters, an exceptional and credible source, and Embattled Belief: The Religious Experiences of American Military Combatants during World War II and Today, also an exceptionally accurate and credible source will hold the most value during this projects because these dissertations give insight on how the soldiers handled Christianity during World War II.
1. Source A
Kevin L. Walters, is a candidate for getting his degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky. In 2013, Walters wrote a dissertation focusing on religion and American troops, with a focus during World War II. This dissertation is a very valuable and reliable source because it has a direct focus on how the soldiers interacted with religion during the time of World War II. It discusses the pros and cons to the way soldiers interpreted religion during their time serving. This source is also not biased in any way which allows for the reader to interpret the text in their own way. However this dissertation does have limitations that could potentially interfere with its accuracy and usefulness. A limitation that is also prevalant in this source is the fact that the author is no...


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