What Was An Experience That Taught You A Valuable Lesson? Hcc And Engl1301 Essay

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 Mankind is always constantly learning and evolving from different experiences in life. These life lessons depend on our reaction whether they are good or bad experiences. One of the many life lessons that I always kept in mind, was taught to me by a very important person in my life. This person always wanted the best for me. I never showed enough gratitude toward this wonderful individual.
 When Harvey flooded homes, it destroyed the lives of many families. Anything within a Hurricane's path will be torn into pieces. I made decision like an unpredictable hurricane. The amount of devastation caused by my actions were increased by the bad environment that I surrounded myself during my high school years. My peer’s that surrounded me in high school help generated the hurricane I was. The choices I made created a big impact in my life because it had the same cause and effect just like a hurricane.
It all began when I started in high school, I was just a regular student with aspirations to become successful. In my sophomore year, I fell into a deep depression and lost my self-control. I surrounded myself with negativity and dealers, dealers who supplied me with marijuana. I smoke on a daily basis, due to the lack of confidence and new emotions. Until one day, my depression overtook me and decided to make an ignorant decision to smoke on school grounds. The same day I got arrested by the school police officer and transferred me to the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center. I was soon bailed out by my mother and got suspended from school. My mom sent me to my dad house as punishment, where he put me to work. Once I got to school my Grade Dean sent me to in-school suspension. I was there for a month until my school transferred me to C-E-P. C-E-P is intuition were students from all type of schools who misbehave get sent there. Unfortunately, I was sent there for over two months and a half, but that that was not enough for me to learn my lesson.
My junior year, my mentality change and I was able to mature more and attempted to move forward. I avoided conflicts and confrontation with the Grade Dean. Even began to start dating an amazing girl. I may have, skipped classes a few times with her and got No Grade (NG) as a result. Which I eventually fixed, but overall Junior Year was not a negative impact on me. It’s what happened in 2017 that lead me to become a different person with different sets of values.
My senior year started very smooth and relaxing. Although, my first car got wrecked by someone who threw the stop sign. I got three grand from the guy insurance. After receiving the insurance money, my mother decided to save it for a better car.  A few days later, my mom and my sister cosign me a car. The vehicle was Honda Accord Sedan 2014, costing about 18,000, with taxes included and the refinancing, it was roughly over $21,000. The reason I say these because the car meant a lot to me. I was able to finally prove myself worthy to both...


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