What Was The Conclusion In The Ghost Of Christmas Past Class Essay

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Kymara McFarlane
Biotech CP
Mrs Laquerre
December 27, 2017
Letter to a friend
Dear Kiana,
I’ve done an experiment that was very interesting and fun in biotech class. What i did in this
experiment was extract my very own ​DNA​ in order to make a ​DNA Necklace.​ DNA is a
Deoxyribonucleic Acid​ and what it does is store ​genetic information. ​The structure of DNA is
molecules that are organized into a ladder called the ​Double helix​. Each molecule is made up of
millions subunits called ​Nucleotides​.
The ​Phosphate​ and sugar molecules form the spine of the DNA molecule. There are three bases
that form the rungs which are made up of nitrogen. There are four ​Nitrogen bases​ which are
Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, ​​and ​Guanine. ​​These bases can bond with other specific bases.
DNA is found in the ​nucleus​ of cells. DNA is also made into structures called ​Chromosomes​. A
Gene​ is also found in a section of the DNA that carries information to make up the ​Proteins​.
that you know the basics i’ll start to get into the procedure of the experiment.
The first thing we did was use a 15 ml tube that had 3 ml of water to put in our mouth to swish
around and gently chew the inside of our cheeks for 30 seconds to get ​epithelial cheek cells​. Next...

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