What Were Living And Working Conditions In Australia At The Start Of The 20th Century? History Essay

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Question: What was the impact of colonisation on Aboriginal people from 1788-1901?
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January 1788 was when the british invaded the island, known as Australia
European settlement had a severe and devastating impact on Indigenous people. Their dispossession of the land, exposure to new diseases and involvement in violent conflict, resulted in the death of a very large number of the Aboriginal peoples. The small percentage of Aboriginal people who did not die during these early decades of the colony, were not unaffected. The impact of the white settlers changed their lives, and the lives of future generations, forever.
In 1770, Captain Cook claimed the eastern portion of the Australian continent in the name of King George III. While sailing from Botany Bay to Cape York, he recorded in his journal a number of interactions with the Indigenous peoples of Australia. When Captain Cook arrived in Australia there were about 750 000 Aboriginal people were living in Australia. These people were divided into around 600 different tribes and had hundreds of different languages. The British considered the Australian continent to be land belonging to no one known as terra nullius. Eight years later, the British went ahead with their ideas to establish a penal colony in New South Wales. On 26 January 1788, the First Fleet, led by Captain Arthur Phillip, arrived in Sydney Cove.
The dispossession of Aboriginal peoples from their land resulted in a drop in their population. While many Aboriginal people were killed in violent clashes over the rights...


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