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The __________ of a specific class is the number of data values contained in it.


In an ungrouped frequency distribution of the average age of high school graduates, what would be the boundaries for the class of graduates who were reported to be 18 years old?


What is the midpoint of the class 16-19 ?


Thirty students recorded the colors of their eyes, choosing from the colors brown, blue, green, hazel, and black. This data can be appropriately summarized in a(n)______________ .


The three most commonly used graphs in research are the histogram, the __________, and the cumulative ...view middle of the document...

5 and 16.5


10 and 18


12 and 16




Which of the following pairs of class limits would be appropriate for grouping the numbers 12, 15, 10, and 17 ?


9-13 and 13-17


10-12 and 15-17


10-12 and 13-17


10-13 and 14-17


Find the class with the least number of data values.










Which of the following could be a cumulative frequency graph?






How many values are in the data set whose histogram is shown below ?










An automobile dealer wants to construct a pie graph to represent types of cars sold in July. He sold 72 cars, 16 of which were convertibles. How many degrees should be used for the convertibles section ?










A Pareto chart does not have which of the following properties?


frequencies displayed by the heights of vertical bars


frequencies arranged from highest...

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