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Pulido 2
Ricardo Pulido
Dr. Lopez
English 1301
Rainbow Six Siege
When we look at video games at times we tend see them with glitches, bugs, lags spikes, and droped frames. So, when we start to think about the designers who made this, we think they had did a bad job at it. Although what most people don’t know about designing video games is that they take forever to make; for example, the game Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out in the next few weeks and that game has been in the making for the past 11 years and there are still hundreds of bugs in the game. So, when looking at redesigning video games and how they could improve; one will be the game Rainbow Six Siege. Where if I could redesign this game from the ground up it could easily become one of the top 5 games in the world if played right which would be fixing hit registration, reducing toxicity, stopping hackers, redesign operators from the ground up, and to add more Limited Times Modes (LTMS ) in the game.
First off what is Rainbow Six Siege? Rainbow six siege is a FPS video game where anything can be destroyed, there is only one life, and having communication is key to succeed in this game. It is a 5 on 5 player base where the first team to win 3 rounds wins the game. They’re two different aspects when playing this game which are attackers and defenders. Also, each operator brings something unique that the person can use.
So, when redesigning this game from the ground up, one of the most important redesigns I would do is to fix Hit Registration. Hit Registration is when in a game where you the person aims at a person and you shoot the person; and the person who got shot gets a disadvantage by losing health or dying. Also, a player body is the outline of where you can get shot. For example, shooting someone in the foot, hand, and back counts as hit registration. So, one of the problems that there is in this game currently that stops it being one of the top games in the market is the Hit Registration because, they are times were when playing the game it looks like you are shooting the person and blood is coming out but nothing happens and that person turns around and kills you. Another example would be that when you are in the game and you get knocked down to the floor, which is the stage before death “the down but not out stage” where you must be revived to comeback, and at times when getting shot you can see the blood come out but you don’t die or you shoot a down person but they don’t die. I had found multiple solutions to solve this which will be first off would be to add a weapon miss alignment system which is a system where you aim sight is what you shoot because in the current version of the game it doesn’t exist. Say this you are shooting this person directly in your vision but if die by him and see the kill cam it shows that you had missed all your shots. This will dramatically increase Hit Registration and frustration in this game. Another solution that I had was bumping up the frames per second in the game for console to 60-70 frames a second instead of 30-60 frames a second. Where you lag at times when interacting in the game and it freezes you and screws you over in the end. Also adding more servers in this game will play a key factor for hit registration because currently there in only one server in the game and it to many people playing it which at times freezes or lags the game messing up the hit registration.
Another redesign that I would do to this game to improve and succeed more is to reduce the amount of toxicity there is and to stop hackers. This is one of the biggest problems right now in Rainbow Six Siege because when playing this game on PC there is a lot of hackers that makes the game boring, and frustrating. Examples of this would be people teleporting throughout the map and killing everyone, having a shield equip and they turn on wall hacks (which is you know where everyone is at through walls) and they run around the map shooting everyone, and people can’t do nothing because they are invincible. Also, Toxicity is where people in the game who treat their teammates with disrespect like saying inappropriate and racist comments to them, killing their own team mates, shooting them, downing them and so on. For this to be fix is first off is when if a person wants to play the competitive mode of siege they will need to do two step verification system. Where that person had to put in the number or extra email to their account and if that person gets caught cheating he will get banned from his account. The thing is about this system is that after the person account go banned they cannot make another account with that email or number because the system will trace any associated things with the previous account and will ban it and those hackers cannot get anything back even if they bought items on the game. Also to stop hackers in the game once they get caught cheating I would make it for the first time that they could never play the competitive mode again and only casual with a 15 day ban from there account. Then if they get caught again they will become permanently ban from the game. If that person ever wants to the play the game again they will need to start from scratch. Also, to deal with toxicity I will want to make system where if a person team kills in the game everyone else on the team can forgive the teamkill and that person will not be reported for toxicity or if he teamkills again from the round he won’t get kick from the game. Believe me this happens a lot. Then for toxicity the will want to make a system where for the first offense the person is banned from the completive mode( Ranked) for the day, the second offense the person is banned for the day, third offense banned for a week, then a month, then if it happens again the person will be become banned for the next 4 months.
So, let’s talk about Attackers and Defenders and how they work. So when attacking it will be you and 4 other teammates trying to go into the building and neutralize a bomb and take down the enemy’s. For example, you bring a Ying on your team who can throw this grenade that flashes anybody who is in the room that the grenade is toss into. Once flashed people can go into the room plant the bomb and take down anyone who was in the room while they were blinded.
As for defenders it will be you and four other teammates having to battle out any opposing threat and the Defenders must protect the bomb at any cost. An example of this is you bring a Jager on your team who ability is to put down 3 Active Defense Systems where he can destroy any type of grenade. Such as if Ying or Buck try to throw a grenade it will immediately get destroyed helping the defenders.
So another way to make this game better in its future years will be balancing operators, redesigning operators, and adding more Limited Time Modes(LTMS). I say this needs to be change because currently in the game they’re a lot of people who are overpowered and a lot of people who are underpowered for example Castle and Lion. The reason why operators have to be balance out or redesign is due to that they will make the game stale. Because you either always see this operator that makes that game no fun because of repetitive or, the operator will not be pick because it is useless. Doing this will make the game more diverse pick because when looking at the Rainbow Six Siege data chart about an operator pick rate and win rate shows who will be redesign or balanced out. For example, about 4 seasons ago with the release of the operator ELA she had became the most overpowered operator in the game by having the highest pick rate and win rate for 9 months in a row. But what Rainbow had done to balance her out was reducing damage to her gun, adding Signiant recoil, take away one of her gadgets, and remove her impact grenades. Now today when looking at her data she is in the middle of win rate and pick rate. Also to make this game more attractive to other people and for the game to be played a lot more will be adding more LTMS because it brings something different from the casual play. This will increase attraction because when looking at Fortnite or Call of Duty at least once a week a new LTM comes out or an item keeping the game fresh.
Although the thing about redesigning of how operators play in the game to some people it will ruin the fun out of it. I am saying this because they are a lot of people who love this game because of hit registration, or how an operator is useful, or useless. For example, currently in the game there is a operator named Tachanka and he the worse person on the game because he brings nothing to the table, and he is super slow. In fact he is so useless and afuil people call him names such as lord Tachanka, The Lord, or Lord Chanka, and they will pick him just for the sakes of his uselessness. Also people find it funny when they shots don’t connect for some odd reason and start laughing at it. Which is why if some of these changes are made their will be a split community in the game one for the changes, and on opposing the changes in the game.
So if the changes of stopping hackers, reducing toxicity, adding more LTMS, changing Hit Registration, and balancing operators the game Rainbow Six Siege could be one of the top selling games in the business right now. Although we still need to remember that no game will be perfect there always it flaws and that we have to remember how long it takes to program and design a game before we want to think about redesigning the game.
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