Where Did Chinese Business First Learn How To Successfully Operate Businesses? Modern East Asia Weekly Assignment

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Daeyla’ Boyd
Professor Strmiska
Modern East Asia
Ch. 9
As foreign powers started dividing up China and began moving in to set up business, factories and other field work, the Chinese had no choice but to watch and soak up the techniques and habits of western businesses. This came from either being employed at one of these institutions, which many Chinese were, or just from observance after living in the middle of it. This eventually led to a change in the Chinese businesses as I would call “monkey see monkey do”, as they began setting up their own businesses that were modeled after and very closely related to the modern western business style that they were forced into being assimilated to. The Chinese didn’t ask to be taken over by Western powers or to be shown the way of the western business so I don’t see how anyone could blame the Chinese for seeing something that works efficiently and wanting the same type of prosper for themselves.
This situation that occurred over two hundred years ago parallels situations today because within the last thirty to forty years when China opened up business to westerners, one major complaint from Westerners is that China is stealing their intellectual property and technology and are turning it into their own purposes. Coming from a closed minded westerner, their ideal situation would be that companies should be able to operate in China while keeping China in total darkness about what they’re doing and how their doing it, in order to make a large profit while keeping China far underdeveloped at the same time. Fro...


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