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Which Human Activities Affected The Natural Environment Of The Amazon Basin?

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"The Amazon forest is in danger of being nibbled to death" Although the Amazon forest is 1/3rd of the earths remaining natural forests, humans continue to cut them down for farming, industry, ranching, mining, and other businesses. Slowly the forest is being "nibbled" away, and the Brazilian government is letting this happen to pay off their immense foreign debt. Because this forest is being greedily cut down constantly throughout the year, this act of deforestation triggers a huge chain reaction that affects most beautiful and attractive natural aspects of the Amazon forest. This massive amount of deforestation changes the natural climate, soil relief and vegetation of the biggest natural ...view middle of the document...

Even to make roads to the logging plants, they have to cut down 1/3rd of the trees they cut down in total. This is probably the biggest part of the deforestation of the Amazon forest.To help the Brazilian economy, the government allows foreign companies to invest in land, clear the forest and make cattle ranches for their own benefits, for example a lot of North Americas fast food comes from this beef.For electrical power, the Brazilian government thought it would be a good idea to invest into hydroelectric power plants which are supposedly "environmentally friendly" however in reality, these plants are not good for the forest. Huge areas of forest have to be cut down for roads, and also for the construction of the dams.All of this deforestation mainly allowed by the Brazilian government leads to huge and even dangerous changes to the natural environment of the Amazon forest.The Amazonian climate changes because when huge amounts of trees are cut down, the Carbon dioxide - Oxygen balance will be tempered with. Because of more carbon dioxide than usual, the greenhouse effect comes into place and there are higher temperatures than usual. Because of the higher temperatures, there will be less evapotranspiration, and that leads to less rainfall. And not enough rainfall leads to drought, leading to parts of the...

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