While Examining A Work, Questions Should Arise From The Audience

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While examining a work, questions should arise from the audience about the characters and the motive of the author when creating the characters. When reading Medea, the audience is forced to not only examine the author but the ideas that authors had about society and mankind at that time. The play Medea creates many questions about what characteristics of a person are more important than others and how one should view the value of emotions that Euripides creates. Drama should evoke emotions that one exhibits and observes throughout their lives. The Greek authors felt that life should imitate art and more importantly, that art should imitate life. In order for a play to have a sincere imp ...view middle of the document...

The audience then learns through dialogue with Jason and Medea that Jason values logic more than he does true emotions. He sacrifices his children and the relationship that he has with Medea for a marriage that will allow him to become more successful. The audience soon realizes that with characteristics like those, Jason cannot be the hero. In contrast, Medea can first be perceived as the anti-hero. When seeing her children Medea cries to them "What should be wept for bitterly. I hate you,/ Children of a hateful mother. I curse you/ And you father. Let the whole house crash."# Confusingly enough, by the end of the play the audience is secretly applauding for Medea despite all that she has done or because of what she has done. Medea commits the most unnatural act for a mother by killing her children but does it so that she can commit the most natural act of a person and that is to defend herself . She truly believes in the love that she and Jason had and refuses to be rejected by her true love. Because of this, she sacrifices the lives of her children. "…to suffer my children/ To be slain by another hand less kindly to them./ Force every way will have it they must die, and since/ This must be so, hen I, their mother, shall kill them."# Within this aspect of the play, the author again plays with the emotions of the audience in order to portray real life. With thoughts of homicide flourishing in the mind of Medea, the audience is forced to examine themselves and decide whether an act like that can be considered justifiable. The audience must feel as though it is justifiable in the case of Medea because of her hero role. Not only must there be a good reason for this act, but the act of killing her children must be viewed by the audience as honorable. While this thought may only be contemplated by the audience for mere seconds, it accomplishes the purpose of this work. Euripides forces the audience to f...


Medea; Questions And Answers That Can Create A Better Understanding Of The Character Medea And How The Sympathy Of The Audience Shifts Thoughout The Play

7377 words - 30 pages Free , along with her two sons, for having done nothing but be a good wife to Jason. The Chorus sympathises with Medea completely.Although the Chorus' response to Medea has not changes, the audiences' has. The audience is apprehensive, and almost scared, of what Medea will do in order to feel like she has revenged against Jason and his act of betrayal.Choral Ode17. Find some evidence from this choral ode of their increasing sympathy for Medea - and their

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1415 words - 6 pages automatically receive a call from one. If you do not have a case manager and would like to, ask about the process of getting one. Your best bet is to call your state or county department of health, social services or aging. Remember that your case manager is there to work with you for your benefit. Ask questions and if you don't understand the answers, ask again. A good case manager can't guarantee you'll get every resource you apply for, but he or

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2275 words - 10 pages that depression often gives positive re-inforcement in the form of sympathy/concern from others. This does not however explain why depression does not cease long after sympathy has also stopped.Dementia praecox (sensility of youth) was the original term used for schizophrenia by Kraeplin in 1902. He regarded it as a from of mental deterioration beginning in adolescence, resulting in typical symptoms such as hallucinations, attention deficits

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527 words - 3 pages to jail because of this, and it is all because they were able to download the music for free. To summarize it all up, not being able to download free music should be prohibited. Musicans and song writers claim that downloading music free from the internet is an indirect violation of existing copyright laws. Moreover, this free copying prevents artists from getting royalty payments for their work. People who download music on these web pages, claim that it is really no different than recording a song played on the radio, or videotaping a movie on television.

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936 words - 4 pages irony. We (the audience) know that Romeo and Juliet will never be able to love each other as they should. As the nurse pulls Juliet away, Mercutio pulls Romeo away and out of the party.As Romeo and his friends leave the party, we see the silhouette of Juliet as an angel, running through the inside of the house and finally reaching a balcony from which she can view Romeo. She watches as Romeo leaves and you can see by their visual expressions that

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1022 words - 5 pages Free implies that the men who read this magazine should be more stylish and sophisticated than other men. The model on the cover of esquire is a man but he is used as an identification figure rather than an objectification figure. The model is Will Smith who is a celebrity and so the readers identify with him and aspire to be him. The audience for this magazine are probably slightly older about 18-30 and therefore their ideologies of gender will be

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692 words - 3 pages that are made in the earth, that nobody ought to go lacking as a result of his or her sex or skin shading or religion. That is the American dream is the ideal that every citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve the same success and prosperity with the same work, determination, and initiative to have uniformity, same chance and equity implies. We should dispose of conditions in the general public that make destitution. A similar nature of wellbeing administrations, training, lodging, nourishment, and apparel accessible to white kids ought to be accessible to dark youngsters. At the present time, it is simply for African Americans or minority, not really!

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2097 words - 9 pages This essay will look at the social work assessment process through the story of Angharad who is a single, retired primary teacher after years of independent living found herself reaching crisis point due to physical and mental health decline (The Open University, 2016a). An assessment to establish what services are needed to help Angharad is required, while her needs and views are kept at the centre so she feels empowered in her situation (SSSC

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1098 words - 5 pages Gemma 11Z Ms Clark IB English ‘A Visit from the Footbinder’ by Emily Prager (1982) ‘A Visit from the Footbinder’ is a short story written by American author Emily Prager which depicts the ancient Chinese practice of a young girl, Pleasure Mouse, getting her feet bound. Through alternating between objective and emotive description, and between reality and spiritual realms, the author conveys her disagreement with the practice of footbinding and

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782 words - 4 pages Marriage: A Sacrifice for Love In a traditional marriage, the wife is expected to play an expressive role. Her purpose is to resolve conflicts and to provide affection and moral support for her family. Between Stella Kowalski from Tennessee Williams’ ​A Streetcar Named Desire​ and Beatrice Carbone from Arthur Miller’s ​A View from the Bridge​, Stella is a better wife. Stella is very accepting of her husband, Stanley Kowalski. She stays by

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813 words - 4 pages job as a secretary too, which is wonderful. She has grown up as a beautiful young woman, in heart and appearance. Eddie however is different. He is a very stubborn man, although quite generous. He does not seem to be the same as Beatrice and Catherine though. Rodolpho and I have settled in well, we now work at the docks, unloading and loading cargo ships. No one has taken too much notice to myself, however Rodolpho has gained the nickname

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534 words - 3 pages Free was in Eastern Europe. While he may have been wrong in terms of where he was, he nonetheless had experienced some sort of drive, motivation, and persistence to make it there. This same spirit was carried through to the peoples of Europe who realized that Columbus had indeed discovered a new continent. One that would become famous with the name America, named after Amerigo Vespucci. People seeking success, a better opportunity, and freedom would

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829 words - 4 pages Describe the settlement of the Western Hemisphere from the perspective of a Native American.By most Europeans accounts the settlement of the western Hemisphere brought civilization to an uncivilized people. What they failed to understand was that the Indians had their own beliefs and ways of life that benefited their native population. The Native Americans for example were skilled hunters, farmers and used everything in their environment for

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555 words - 3 pages prince is a dreamer, he likes to play with the imagination creating surreal worlds, characters, and situations. Creativity and fun are basic to be able to have an open and innovative mind. Creative people come out in search of new experiences, ask the right questions, observe what surrounds them and deter from their own convictions. Adult book characters have lost their simplicity, they do not know how to have fun, they are serious and bored. They

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855 words - 4 pages , my nephew's courage is conspicuous from beginning to end as he formulates decisions and acts upon them sequentially to eradicate iniquity. Te following is a few examples of how my nephew demonstrates his courage. (I could not resist. I am such a proud uncle.)When I left the ring to Frodo, I didn't recognize what great peril I was presenting to him. He took upon himself the task of leaving the security of the Shire and going into the wild not