White Heaven! Paper

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Dark stares of pain rolled up my sleeveTickling my sides down, down to me feetWhere it sat fretting, refusing to leaveCrackling of wood on the hearthSnaps of its heat on my face glowedAs I laid on he bed sprawledAn attempt was made to wriggle a toeEncased in plaster, hung on a poleAs toes refused quarter, as finger 'came clawsWorst of all, to hell, I knew not where I wasWhite linen, white-White was allEven the ga ...view middle of the document...

cycle, hated women senileOne thing I love & that is sugar aleBesides those the fogs of recall is just insaneLike bits of plaster that showed me littleBesides the colors of my life, a broken puzzleThose that fell into place, proper as the cogs & spindleShowed little of part of a party of friendsMost with arms & sleazy leather pantsDrowning their loot into rounds of poker in aceWith 'onstant bickering & snaps of cider ashWhilst I in a corner had slept the dayWith nerves for needles & sniff at crackThe pink horizon with white oblivion eating cellsI smiled at the coppers that ate my leadDistant thunder with screech of furyGravel burned rubber, siren filled through meTurns of tables' exchange of rounds soothe mePatter of feet's, rough hands dragged that 'fore shook meCurses given, they all left me drooling all o'ver eeBang of door splinter flew over, in shower over meRolled I was and cuffs bit to hands most wobblyAs feet and sticks racked havoc and snapped emMy arms legs in anger snapped and screamed audiblySleets of heaven clouded through to meOver the white havens barriers, Oh lord of griefAs I came to, then came to pass out, White Havens relief


"Once More On The Lake" Reaction To The Reading

703 words - 3 pages come. We are on this earth only for a short while, but earth's majesty is a gift from heaven that will live on forever until the end of time. Although white noticed the constants and it changes of the lake he knew passing on this relic to his son will make him feel the way he felt coming to the lake. And leaving this lasting imprint on his son as the lake did to him.

Wings Of Desire Assignment

338 words - 2 pages Wings of Desire The movie is about two angels, Damiel and Cassiel, who come from heaven to watch over people and can hear the inner voices of them. As they see them in their apartments, moving on the streets, subways and in a library. The two angels are dressed like normal people and are only seen by the camera and children. Damiel and Cassiel's world was seen in black and white. So during the movie I assumed the whole movie was in black

Assignment On Annapakshi

421 words - 2 pages The Annapakshi Damask Stencil, is a stencil pattern based on India's mythological white bird that is believed to live in heaven. I represents, purity, prosperity and beauty. Many different style including the Annapakshi are a new representation of the original Damask design. Damask is a reversible fabric or silk cotton etc. with a pattern formed by weaving, the construction of Damask used one of the five basic weaving techniques of the Byzantine

Effects of the Spotted Lanternfly on the Tree of Heaven - Drexel/English - Essay

1978 words - 8 pages Melissa Ramirez ENG 202C Dr. Andel Effects of the Spotted Lanternfly on the Agricultural Fruit Crops in Pennsylvania Purpose and Rationale In 2014, the Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula (White), an invasive planthopper, had been discovered in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania in Berks County. It is native to China, India, Vietnam, and introduced to Korea where it has become a major pest. In addition, this insect has the potential to

angels and demons fighting against each other in a mildly descriptive story - class - narrative

948 words - 4 pages Angel’s vs demons/ heaven and Australia In our world as we know it, two worlds between myth and legend exist. The world of demons and the world of angels. I’m one of the angels and I’ve been fighting in an endless war that has been going on for centuries, this war is the war between the angels and the fallen ones known as demons. The demons are the root of evil; they spread it all over the world and it’s our job to stop them. Recently the demons

Of Mice And Men Essay Which Discusses The Theme Of Loneliness In The Novel

798 words - 4 pages failed hopes of becoming a movie star and her misery of being married to Curly.Crooks also becomes fond of Lennie. Crooks is set apart from others by his race he is not allowed to live in the same quarters as the white workers and this makes him bitter. His race causes his loneliness.Candy, an ageing handyman is missing one hand and is getting older so he is worried about his future on the farm. On the farm it seems there is no protection for

Why So Many of Your Favorite Beauty Personalities are Mormon - Salt Lake Community College, English - Essay

1004 words - 5 pages Free religion, but unfortunately, she also made stereotypes and gave off the idea that every Mormon girl is taught to believe that her appearance determines how successful she will be and if she gets into heaven. Here are just a couple generalizations the author made about Mormon women: “These businesses allow Mormon women to make money and be ambitious, all while not working outside of the home, which in lots of ways is still frowned upon" when

Martin Luther King Rhetorical Essay - Suny Polytechnic Institute/English 101 - Essay

1311 words - 6 pages why people should join in on his movement. With these few things in mind Dr. King present a powerful letter that not only justifies his non-violent protests but also persuades many white moderates to take action and join the movement for racial freedom. Throughout “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Dr. King gives much evidence in his reasoning for protesting in Birmingham. Dr. King emphasizes that he did not go to Birmingham to protest out of fun or to

William Blake: Songs Of Innocence And Experience

1061 words - 5 pages starts with the African boy "talking" to the reader, and immediately presents the central idea of the poem, the human soul, and in fact he is saying that even if his skin is black, his soul is white as the English child's soul. In this first stanza, the poet builds a clear contrast between light and dark, upon the contrast of the "black" skin and the "white" soul. This contrast could bear a double interpretation; the first one being the literal

Essay on Mayan History and Creation

1523 words - 7 pages (Thompson Internet). They also believe in satisfying the creators and fear death. The Mayans had similar beliefs of creation and similar and not similar gods with the Greeks, had a belief in a Heaven and a Hell, four attempts at making humans and three different worlds made.The Greeks had believed there was nothing, that the world began with Chaos, which is similar to the Mayan belief that there was no Earth, no sun and no moon. The only existence was

Jonathan Livingston Seagull vs Siddhartha Parallel - AP English 4 - Essay

1286 words - 6 pages Free numerous life altering struggles. Jonathan, after his banishment to the far cliffs, tries to hone his flying skills, which eventually lead to his death. Jonathan hates the limitations his body and on his success, but after two pure white gulls take him to a heaven like place, all of those limitations he hates so much are gone. Chiang, the elder gull, teaches Jonathan new tricks and skills that he couldn’t have even thought of in his past life. Chiang


901 words - 4 pages in Los Angeles. All that the white rich people want to do is gain more money and business. Chomsky also believes that the state is not the protector of the people; in contrast they are the enemy of many citizens. According to Chomsky's essay the drug law criminalized mostly poor black males which make other people fear certain races and also make them feel like if they are the bad ones. This is what the drug war is about, controlling people and

Life of Pi: Happy or Unhappy Ending - English 101 - Essay

737 words - 3 pages value in life has been destroyed. And I am allowed no explanation? I am to suffer hell without any account from heaven? In that case, what is the purpose of reason, Richard Parker?" (Page 98). When he was rescued he had to start over again from scratch. He now has to live without a home and a family and that could be very scary to some people. Some people think that even though this story has reasons why it would be an unhappy ending, they still

Othello: Essay on the themes, description of the Shakespeare's text - English - Essay

775 words - 4 pages hamartia of insecurity. Shakespeare introduces contrasting human behaviours by establishing strong characterisations, Othello is othered by society through his epithet, “The Moor” which manifests as a rejection from the community and ultimately the birth of his fatal flaw. Iago exists as Othello’s opposite and continues to exacerbate Othello’s weakness evident in the animal imagery “an old black ram is tupping your white ewe” as he dehumanises


2104 words - 9 pages There are some common threads of argument linking together main aspects of how Australians see themselves and what they see as important in defining our culture and identity, there is still contention over the importance of issues of Australia's history, indigenous members and white European settlers and their impact on the indigenous population. Quite often, the Australian landscape is also given great prominence, especially when used in