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White Heaven! Essay

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Dark stares of pain rolled up my sleeveTickling my sides down, down to me feetWhere it sat fretting, refusing to leaveCrackling of wood on the hearthSnaps of its heat on my face glowedAs I laid on he bed sprawledAn attempt was made to wriggle a toeEncased in plaster, hung on a poleAs toes refused quarter, as finger 'came clawsWorst of all, to hell, I knew not where I wasWhite linen, white-White was allEven the garb, ...view middle of the document...

cycle, hated women senileOne thing I love & that is sugar aleBesides those the fogs of recall is just insaneLike bits of plaster that showed me littleBesides the colors of my life, a broken puzzleThose that fell into place, proper as the cogs & spindleShowed little of part of a party of friendsMost with arms & sleazy leather pantsDrowning their loot into rounds of poker in aceWith 'onstant bickering & snaps of cider ashWhilst I in a corner had slept the dayWith nerves for needles & sniff at crackThe pink horizon with white oblivion eating cellsI smiled at the coppers that ate my leadDistant thunder with screech of furyGravel burned rubber, siren filled through meTurns of tables' exchange of rounds soothe mePatter of feet's, rough hands dragged that 'fore shook meCurses given, they all left me drooling all o'ver eeBang of door splinter flew over, in shower over meRolled I was and cuffs bit to hands most wobblyAs feet and sticks racked havoc and snapped emMy arms legs in anger snapped and screamed audiblySleets of heaven clouded through to meOver the white havens barriers, Oh lord of griefAs I came to, then came to pass out, White Havens relief

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