White Privilege Does It Still Exist Or Not? Ubc Poli 361 Essay

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Do you look at two white men standing in an alley at night and wonder if they were up to something? What if they were two black men? Would you then? This racial injustice phenomenon has certainly improved but it isn’t completely diminished. Recently, a news flashed on social media that an old ‘Sikh’ man who was wearing a turban was attacked by two white men in the US. He was asked to leave the country and go back to his. Mr. Malhi had come to the United States in the 90s and now was a permanent citizen of America, but he was still criticized and beaten up because of the cultural differentiation as he belonged to a different race, but he was actually living in the same circumstances, society as those white men. I believe that this racial injustice predominately exists because of the psychological understanding in the society as WHITE SUPREME. “Cosmetic surgery, hair straightening, skin lightening, and similar means of creating a more White-like appearance” (Hall 2003a, 2003b; Jones 2000; Kaw 1993; Russell et al. 1992) has helped in creating a strong bias towards white people. I come from India, where basically 80% of the population is brown but when a child is born the most important discussion in the family becomes if the child is fair or not. When a newlywed bride comes into the house the most important discussion in the family again becomes if the woman is fair or not. “White privilege is real and it still exists.”
“White people hold the predominance of power in our federal Cabinet, at the national CBC/Radio- Canada, within boardrooms of the largest corporations, the Senates and Boards of Governors of Canadian universities, and so on” (Lund & Carr, 2010). I came from India that completely believes in the ideology of ranked societies where people are valued on the basis of their caste, religion to Canada. But even here people are constantly thinking about which race is better. Is there race lower? Are they respected enough to be a part of a particular race? Here the idea of unranked societies takes place where even though all races are equal in status the groups are consistently concerned about their position. People higher in status worry that they might lose it, groups that are backward think that they might fail compared to other groups, or they might become lower in status or they might disappear altogether.
The idea of privilege basically means that one race is more looked upon than another. A lot of aspects are taken into mind when we think about something like this. The social boundaries that have been set up which include behavior, language, thinking which further contribute to the phenomena of white privilege for e.g.- during an interview the recruiter might select the White person because he/she spe...


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