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Data Protection
The need for Data protection has always been high. However over the years use of the internet has expanded to everything from high stakes information being transferred to someone putting, personal details into a social media account. What these all have in common is that they are saved to the cloud, a massive expanse of data that is collected and stored by the companies hosting the websites that we browse all the time. Legally this data we input to the cloud must be collected and stored securely; this means that security measures must be implemented when companies are in possession of said information. This security agreement can have a range of different approaches these include having all information stored in the company's facilities to be encrypted.
The only downside about this approach is that it's time consuming so only sensitive data such as the likes of government secrets and wealthy businesses important information would likely be encrypted. There are many other options but the main worth noting would be using firewalls to stop intruders and others trying to break through the security of a system. This tends to be the most frequently used format of security as it is quick effective and cheaper in most cases at least but the reason it brings the biggest draw to it tends to be that it is easy to pick up as in there are tutorials that are easily accessed for maintaining it and even easier integrating it into the system of the holding.
All this aside the problem that governments have faced since day one of trusting the cloud with their secrets is third parties that would like to profit or otherwise gain from this information. This has prompted governments to speak out and say that everyone's data should be protected but some will go behind the publics back and intercept our data, copy it and then re-send the data to the originally designated destination. An analyst named Edward Snowden exposed this to the general public by placing his findings on a website called WikiLeaks. He showed how they were doing it. He mainly
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