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Who's World Is This. Took Too Long To Write At A Short Period Of Time English Iv Essay

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Trac Theo D. Allen
English IV 6th Hour
Sam Joseph
[Who’s World Is This?]
Imagine a place defined by the corrupt that flows around a society, dehumanizing
every aspect of human characteristics for power and have no way of controlling it. That is what
the main character, Winston Smith deals with from trying to avoid the Party throughout George
Orwell's novel “1984”. In the book, 1984 by George Orwell written in 1944, Free will is abolished
by how the Party controls the people of Oceania through different unique forms of Manipulation,
dangers of totalitarianism, and control leading to power
Politics is delicate and acts as a chemistry. Governments can either lead the world to
peace and comfort or it can bring society into world war and chaos. In 1984, the politics of the
Party has control over everything and everyone. History allows dignitaries to see previous
mistakes and to learn from it, resolving the problem to make the world a better place. The Party
is falsifying records or deleting them, in there favor to gain more control over the society.
Winston says“....that the past, starting from yesterday, [was] actually abolished” (127). This is
showing the reader Winstons thought as the past can be nothing but a memory as quick as the
Party wants it to be. But as a member of the Outer Party, this was Winston's job otherwise he
has no choice. The Party developed a chute connecting to an incinerator called the Memory
Hole, which would erase anything from the past present or future of inconvenient or unpleasant
documents, transcripts, records, or photographs. Winston had no other choice since his
“....duties consist of editing and rewriting history in the form of various media to confirm and
reinforce the Party’s version of the past and present”(33). The Party is able to manipulate
people by changing history, making them always right.
The location and the number of telescreens have hidden microphones and creates
physiological manipulation. The population of Oceania is led to support ideas, which isn’t to
actually believe. Their lack of privacy and other personal beliefs persuades’ doublethink’, a
method where two contradictory concepts are held in a person's mind, put together by Orwell to
demonstrate political dominance. Winston describes this and states:
“Who controls the past,’Ran the party slogan,’Controls the future: who controls
the present controls the past.’And yet the past, thought of its nature alterable, never had
been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was
quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own
memory. ‘Reality control’, they called it; in Newspeak, ‘doublethink’. (37)
This shows how the Party can control people by help ruling the parties class so they can use
both honesty and there own deception. Doublethink is used by Orwell to show how people can
change what they value the most, but still keep a thought of their past.
This is shown during Hate week after...

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