Who Said You Can't Have It Both Ways?: The Double Standards Of Promisquity Analyze An Advertisement Using Feminist Theories About Sex, Race, And Class

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Playboy is the leading men's magazine in the world, with an 18-35 male demographic and more than 3 million copies in circulation in the United States alone, and 4.5 million worldwide. Not only do the nude photographs of women, and suggestive and provocative cartoons provide a vivid illustration of issues in the understanding of intersectionality, the magazine's influential advertisements do as well. One particular ad for LifeStyles brand condoms, for instance, vividly demonstrates two vectors of analysis in feminist theory: gender and race.Intersectionality not only focuses on the gender aspects of racial discrimination, it also seeks to provide a tool for analyzing the ways in which gend ...view middle of the document...

Also, the male's shirt is unbuttoned, inferring that the white female has already started undressing him because she cannot wait to have sex with him and has no control over her libido. The colored female, on the other hand, seems more distant. Instead of a smile, she has a sexy "come hither" glare to her, and her skin and hair are much darker than the male's and the female's. This contrast not only portrays the colored woman as dark, impure, and reeking of sex, it also blends her into the dark background of the picture which aids in making her look inferior and unimportant..The caption, "who said you can't have it both ways", suggests that the male in the cartoon is planning on having sex with both women, either separately or at the same time. The caption can also be interpreted as "who said you can't have sex with a black women and a white woman at the same time? They're both women and therefore, they are both here for my pleasure as a man". The ad promotes safe sex, which is a positive thing, but also promotes promiscuous sex. The caption "...you can play it safe and have a great time doing it", suggests that sex is just an activity for men to do with no emotional attachment involved at all, and that as long as you do it safely, this promiscuity is acceptable.The ad also illustrates our society's values of sexuality and gender. The message of the ad is targeted to the male, he being the obvious main character of the illustration. The quote is directed towards males, not females. It infers that it is acceptable in society for men to h...


Race and Class intersections using Rollock, 2014 - so110 - Formative

1012 words - 5 pages SO110 Formative Essay 1 Both the experience and the analysis of class are deeply racialised. Discuss. Class is a systematic order of people according to their capital. As explored in the BBC Great British Class survey in 2013, there are social, economic and cultural capitals as indicators to class. Race refers to a group of people with the same ancestors who have biologically and physically similar characteristics. It is important to highlight

A Psychological Essay On The Inclusion Of Sex Education For Both The Primary And Secondary Curriculum

4118 words - 17 pages primarily teaches students about responsibility, with what may happen and what should be done.She added that "Kids treat sex lightly." that is why they should be taught that its not that easy act and it comes with great responsibility. "We teach our students in Reedly why it is a 'no-no' for them to use condoms. Teaching students the dangers of using condoms at an early age pressures them not to use them at all." Its peer pressure that can

1.03 Why Can't I Have it All Chart and answered Questions - Economics Honors FLVS - Assignment

514 words - 3 pages Free ) Reflecting on My Work 1. Explain how the concepts of scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost relate to your dilemma. There can be a lot of scarcity when you decide to join a club that requires you to work while outside of the club. With an art club, I won’t be able to do other things like hang out with my friends or go to my martial arts class on Wednesdays, although I am still able to go on Mondays and Fridays. I had to choose between which of the two I

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420 words - 2 pages In the play "Hamlet", Hamlet is forced to deal with many complicated situations. His father has just recently passed away, and his mother is marrying another man- his uncle. He has just started seeing his father's ghost, who has revealed to him that his uncle has in fact murdered him. On top of all of this, the ghost has asked him to seek revenge upon his uncle. He is also having girlfriend problems, and has been forbidden to go back to college

In What Ways Might Viola Be Said To Be Seen As The Central Character Of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night?

1175 words - 5 pages woman, cleverly hinting at her love for Orsino with words of double-meaning. When Orsino asks her who she is in love with, in Act 2 Scene 4, she says that it is a person "Of your (Orsino's) complexion" and "About your years". She then proceeds to tell Orsino of the story of her father's daughter, who "pined in thought" and "never told her love". However, Orsino is so self-centred and obsessed that he does not suspect that Cesario might not be

Life Expectancy For The State Of Kentucky. This Was An Assignment In A Math Class... ENJOY! It Is Missing Pictures So If You Need Them Let Me Know

1919 words - 8 pages Have you ever wondered how long the average life expectancy for Kentucky is? Well I have been wondering so I decided to find out by working on a project about the average life expectancy in Kentucky. I figured that after I got done then all of the insurance companies that offer life insurance to Kentuckians and even Kentuckians themselves would use this information. First the insurance companies might charge more if the average death age

What Are Some Of The Disadvantages Of Using Focus Groups? Discuss Two Recent Trends In Focus Group Research And Explain Why You Think These Have Evolved. Use References To Support Your Opinions

1685 words - 7 pages , 2001)Focus groups are normally used to investigate complex behavior in the same time discover how different groups think and feel about a topic and what opinions do they have (Evalued: Focus Groups 2005). There are many advantages of using focus groups. It allows the companies or researchers to evaluate products and services based on real life information on the spot without any excessive costs. But the one thing they have to take into account is

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479 words - 2 pages it doesn’t have a face just only a mouth and that’s it. It’s kind of weird but its what makes this painting so interesting. The second prize goes to the “Sleeping Venus” painting. This art work was painted by Italian Renaissance painter Giorgione in 1510. This painting get second because although it might not have the same vibrant color as the first prize painting did it still is interesting. When I look at this painting I think about how her body

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860 words - 4 pages S.t. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) was an Italian Dominican friar, Catholic priest,  and Doctor of the Church. He was an immensely influential philosopher both now in  the modern day and when he was alive. The first 4 ways are the cosmological  arguments with the fifth being teleological. In which he tries to prove the existence  of God through observation of what he could see in the world and using this as  evidence to his existence.   The first

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2205 words - 9 pages same way the crazy narrator did, expressing his vision through the film (Washington Edu, 2017) All these new forms of art came with the idea that art should not only be a representation of reality but it must also be an expression of the artists feelings about the world around them through their show of emotions, interpretation, idealising and distortion. Expressionists, became a new type of artists who ignored and rejected the normal illusions

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1735 words - 7 pages Hoskins​ ​1 Cole​ ​Hoskins English​ ​Composition​ ​I Dr.​ ​Elmore October​ ​2017 An​ ​In-Depth​ ​Definition​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Word​ ​“Happiness” Happiness​ ​is​ ​a​ ​very​ ​interesting​ ​word.​ ​It​ ​has​ ​hundreds​ ​of​ ​different​ ​words​ ​and​ ​meanings, and​ ​it​ ​means​ ​something​ ​different​ ​to​ ​every​ ​single​ ​person​ ​in​ ​the​ ​universe.​ ​To​ ​me,​ ​however, happiness​ ​is​ ​something​ ​that​ ​is​ ​both​ ​short-lasting​ ​and​ ​long-term

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1411 words - 6 pages foreign policy focused on extending Germany’s influence as a global power and thereby aligning it with the other big players on the world scene”(Clark 150). This term illustrated that Germany was eager to prove itself as one of the Great Powers. As a result, Alfred von Tirpitz, a German Grand Admiral, advocated the “Risk Fleet Strategy”, whereby Germany would “pursue an aggressive foreign policy and using the emerging high speed fleet to bargain

Narrative, a story I made for English and If you want it you can have it - Palo verde - Essay

720 words - 3 pages ?” Tiffany still shocked began to answer “ No I think I’m fine.” What they didn’t know was that The Shadow was watching all of the theatricals. He thought it was time to let his presence known, He finally spoke. ” Now that you have entered your grave I would like the keys to your vehicle.” Panicking Zack simply threw the keys and said ” Who is this? Why are you doing this to us?” The Shadow happily answered ” An eye for an eye… I was here for so

This is a comparison/contrast about love vs. infatuation. It dicusses the differences by considering three elements common to both: interest, concern, and endurance

511 words - 3 pages in love with someone else they are interested in that person's inner beauty. They care more about that person's character and personality traits than how cute he or she may look in a pair of jeans. To become infatuated with someone takes only a second, but it takes time to become in love with someone because love is based on more than just superficial interests.Concern is another way to tell the difference between infatuation and love

the arrival story of a girl who learn English and migrant to another country - class - essay

1103 words - 5 pages . Hope they are well in the disaster. When I got on the ship, I'm quite severe and tense to find my seat cause there heaps of unknown words that I can't understand on the indicator. Apparently, I saw an Asian girl who sit next to me. I'm not too sure that we can speak the same language, but I still want to have a try. I'm very anxious to demonstrate my refugee visa, because I'm quit afraid of the discrimination. Nevertheless, It's quite surprise that