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Who Says Doing Business Is Difficult? If You Plan Right, You Can Do Anything!

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My first businessOn my final year of university I was told to write a short report on how to start a small level business. At that time, I got so much into the course that i planned to do some search on the structure of small level businesses.After searching and talking ...view middle of the document...

In the very first week it was little slw but then i got experienced and begen making money.The financing of the business was totally done by credit cards, but please note that the only credit used were with offer of 0% apr until 8 months of their use. This gave me some time to keep paying the credit card minimum payment and grow my business.I opened 2 more carts in two other different malls and today i have 4 carts. There is big money in small businesses but only if done in the right way. The best thing to do is to visit several other malls and look for what is selling. This will help you choose the product you wish to sell.I wrote this to encourage those who are doing nothing so that they can make something out of their efforts.

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