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Why are issues of inequality in early childhood important and how do they impact on the experiences of children and adults in an early childhood setting?
“Children Belong together there is no reason whatsoever to separate them in school or otherwise” (Florian, 1998)
Welcome to my reflective essay on inequalities and discrimination in early childhood and the impact they have. Inequality is defined by (Webster, 2019) as the “disparity of distribution or the opportunity of it” this means that there is a difference in size quality or social position, in childcare terms its leans towards the quality of the service been provided by settings for one reason or another to a individual or group. According to (Oxford, 2019) “Discrimination is the unjust/biased treatment of groups of people for a variety of reasons such as race, sex, age, gender or ethnicity”. These are serious crimes, and all are illegal in Ireland, however they still happen daily carried out by people who may have no understanding of the law or it may be a case of their upbringing. I have chosen three topics to discuss in this essay Gender, Disability and SEN and finally the Travelling community. All names have been changed to protect identities.
I am the owner of a setting based in a rural location with views of rolling hills and Croagh Patrick, we spend all our time outdoors, exploring our large woodland, feeding the ponies, rolling in mud, building sandcastles in our gigantic sand pit as well as crawling through tunnels and sliding down hills these are just a few of the activities we have at our disposal. The age group we accommodate is from 2 years 8 months to 5 years 8 months. From the very beginning we have strived to eradicate inequality in the setting but because we are based in an outdoor environment with Woods and Hills, we have found that a wheelchair-based user would find it very difficult to experience all that our setting has to offer.
The Irish constitution is the basic law of Ireland no other law can supersede it, enacted in 1937. In 2012 the 31st amendment was voted in by nearly 60% of voters! This number shows how little some people care for children, a statistic that’s even worse is that only 33% of voters turned out that day, we should be appalled that only 20% of eligible voters felt strongly enough to vote. We were all children once we all know how it feels to be excluded and talked down to as a child, why would we want that for our children? Luckily the referendum succeeded and now enshrined in our Constitution as Article 42A where paragraph one states “that all children have equal rights and as far is lawfully possible those rights shall be protected” (Publications, 2015) this referendum was a long time coming and was preceded by the childcare act 1991, Since then this act has had over 900 amendments and Statutory Instruments (Sis) added to it. One of the most important Statutory Instruments under the childcare act for Preschools and the Practitioners who manage and...

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