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Charlotte Bronte's Reason For Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre is a book of a love story with a hint of suspense and tragedy. Charlotte Bronte, the
writer of Jane Eyre, taught and entertained her reader through Jane Eyre’s life. She informed
the reader of the social injustices in Jane Eyre’s time and she also weaved her own story into
Jane Eyre life. She also entertained her reader with the love story but also a sense of mystery
and thriller. Charlotte Bronte was one of the first writers to show the unfair treatment of women
during the Victorian age.
Throughout Jane Eyre many social injustices were brought to the surface such as women
rights. Jane Eyre as a young child ​was tormented by her older cousin John Reed. She was
often seen hiding from him because if he found her he would practically use her as a punching
bag​.The book states “And I came out immediately, for I trembled at the idea of being dragged
forth(by John Reed)” John then proceeds to throw a book at her. She is told she is below the
servants because she has no wealth and no parents. As a result Mrs. Reed, the aunt of Jane,
doesn't reprimanded him for what he does to Jane. Also John Reed will be the master over the
house and his mother in a few years because he is a boy. Charlotte Bronte shows the reader,
later in the book, that John Reed treated his mother horrible and ran the state into ruin but the
mother couldn't have done anything because she was a women. Charlotte Bronte based John
Reed off similar experiences she had with men.
Bronte sisters were all writers and told their stories and injustices through there characters.
Female writers were frowned upon similar to how schooling didn't make women successful in
Jane Eyre’s time period. The sisters had to ...

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