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Why do we have so much traffic in Miami?
The 2017 Global Traffic Scorecard ranked Miami 12th among U.S. cities where the drivers spend more hours in a traffic jam. About 64 hours during the rush hours with the economic cost of approximately $2,072 per driver annually. Many are the causes of this issue, and as regular driver Miami’s fast – growing population, inadequacy of the public ‘s city transportation system, and the rudest behavior of significative number of drivers in the city.
It is believed that Miami’s fast – growing population rate is 5.4% higher in comparison with the rest of Florida’s cities grew fast. Miami is the six of the nation’s 20 fastest growing metropolitan areas. According to the last statistics resources, the city added an average of 21,000 new residents in a year. As result of this higher population density the city has concentrate higher levels of vehicles transit and building density.
It is often heard the people talk about the inadequacy of the public ‘s city transportation system. The population increase with the lack of communities’ public transportation, in some of these the public transportation fundamentally is by trolleys, and / or buses runs with a large frequency of time between one to the next. In they finish their daily schedule early in the day or afternoon, and the limits of Metrorail, Metro mover that runs in only few areas in the city. Then, the population in Miami need to use and have their own car, ...


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