Why Does So Many Adults And Teenagers Alike Start Using Drugs? Westbury Secondary School Essay

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Why does so many adults and teenagers alike start using drugs?
There are numerous amounts of adults and teenagers alike who are addicted to drugs and alcohol; and I believe the reason therefore is that many times people struggle with the issues that comes with life and use drugs and alcohol to escape. Teenagers are affected by peer pressure and wanting to be cool and fit in. while adults use drugs and alcohol to escape the issues they encounter in life, for example being unemployed, divorced or the inability to keep up with life’s changes.
Whatever the reason may be does not change the fact that more and more people around the world become addicted daily. There are programs to assist those that are suffering, but not everyone wants to be helped. I watched this programme on TV that got me thinking “why is it that people wait for something severe to happen before changing. In this program there was an episode of a family man who had been addicted to drugs but went to a rehabilitation centre to seek help but relapsed. His wife found out about it and confronted him. He admitted to his wife that he started buying medication over the counter and became addicted to it. He rented an apartment on the floor above where he was living with his wife and two children, which he used as a hide out to do drugs.
On the day he was confronted by his wife with regards to his drug use, he was high as he returned from the apartment. He forgot ...


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