Why Elderly Drivers Should Be Restricted - Public Speaking - Persuasive Speech

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Name: Jackie Salami
Topic: The Elderly Driving
Title: Old people should not be allowed to drive.
I. Imagine this, you're driving. That white Prius starts braking for no reason. You're
already stressed because you're late. You speed up to cut off the driver and who do
you see driving? THAT one grandma.
II. You don't really notice how dangerous old drivers are until you're tailgating one.
III. Even though some elderly drive responsively, elderly drivers should not be
allowed on the road because they are the slowest drivers and slow drives are
more likely to cause an accident than fast drivers. Today I’d like to talk to you
about first, who mainly are classified as the elderly drivers, second why they are
dangerous drivers, why some think they belong on the road moreso than young
teenagers, and finally the statistics of my point.
I. Main Point One (Stated in a complete sentence)
A. Subpoint (Possible Citation here: Dwyer, 2006)
1. Sub-subpoint One
2. Sub-subpoint Two
(Possible Internal Summary or Internal Preview)
B. Subpoint B (Possible Citation here: Dwyer, 2006)
1. Sub-subpoint One
2. Sub-subpoint
II. Main Point Two
A. Subpoint A
1. Sub-subpoint One (Possible Citation here: Dwyer, 2006)
2. Sub-subpoint Two (Possible Internal Summary or Internal Preview)
B. Subpoint B (Possible Citation here: Dwyer, 2006)
1. Sub-subpoint One
2. Sub-subpoint Two
III. Main Point Three
A. Subpoint A
1. Sub-subpoint One (possibly giving more detail
about Subpoint A above)
2. Sub-subpoint Two (Possible Citation here: Dwyer, 2006)
(Possible Internal Summary or Internal Preview)
B. Subpoint B
1. Sub-subpoint One
! 1
IV. Main Point Four
A. Subpoint A
1. Sub-subpoint One (possibly giving more detail
about Subpoint A above)
2. Sub-subpoint Two (Possible Citation here: Dwyer, 2006)
(Possible Internal Summary or Internal Preview)
B. Subpoint B
1. Sub-subpoint One
2. Sub-subpoint Two
I. Signal ending with a signpost: (“In Conclusion,” or some other acceptable
form signaling end of speech)
II. Summarize main points: (Be detailed and complete with this one sentence
III. Restate the Thesis / importance/relevance of topic to audience’s lives:
(Possible Internal Summary or Internal Preview)
IV. Finish with a vivid, memorable ending: (Use one of the formal techniques
discussed in book and in class such as quotation, startling statistic, anecdote,
etc.) (Possible Citation here: Dwyer, 2006)
! 2
Dwyer, K. (2002). Public Speaking Workbook, 7th Edition. Boston: McGraw-Hill
Primis Custom.
Note: you will have at least 4 credible sources in your references.
! 3
Delivery Outline
AG: ball in my hand / just another toy / hit back and forth / part of creating who I am
S S: not only as individuals, but what influenced them / Harvard University published on their
website on May 3, 2015 reports that 1 out of 5 students attempt to emulate each other when
success is seen.
Intro/Preview: volleyball been a fun sport / taught me things that I could use outside the court (1)
leadership as a team captain / (2) to be determined and (3) to be a team player
(move to left)
I. Team captain I learned to be a good example / work the leadership outside activities
A. Couldn’t slack off / result in our poor performance. As stated by Steinmen on the website
“NotableLeaders.com” last accessed March 19, 2014, a strong leader leads by example
B. Used in my choir class
1. More sound or energy
2. Be motivated and work harder / Ms. Parker said that I was always there,
motivating the group to do their best.
(move to far right)
Leader for a team / my choir class / Being determined is another quality
II. More determined player and student
A. As a player determination CIF game. Achande, a writer for the LA Times stated in his
August 18, 2013 column that determination is the key to a successful season and it is the
individuals who must be determined to assist the team as a whole.
! 4
B. As a student pass some classes
(move to far left)
Determination strong-minded do better /Working with people
III. Work well with others / playing on the court / situation with a school project
A. Team eleven girls and me / get to know each well
1. Trusting big issue / Working with others means that “teammates must trust one
another in order to build cohesion,” stated Hofstede in his book first published
in 1997, “Culture and Organizations.”
2. Knowing people’s personality / what they will do / key in winning a game
B. Teacher chooses your partners / learned to work as a team
(move to center)
Involved team helped work well / others
To summarize volleyball helped me / great highlight / helpful tool shaping how I deal / (1) leader / (2)
ability determined in everything / (3) able work others characteristic traits
Volleyball not just toy, important item, created who I am
As you prepare for your speaking assignment, check off the following preparations as you
accomplish them:
___ 1. I have chosen a topic about which I could find adequate information.
___ 2. I have chosen a topic that will interest my audience.
___ 3. I have decided the specific purpose in giving my speaking assignment.
___ 4. I have studied my subject thoroughly through reading, interviewing, or through
personal experience.
___ 5. I have prepared an introduction that will capture the attention of my audience.
___ 6. I have planned an explanation of all technical terms.
___ 7. I have checked pronunciation of unusual words.
___ 8. I have prepared a phrase outline to use in presenting my speech that CANNOT be read
word for word but used to refer to.
___ 9. I have planned to avoid all nervous mannerisms such as scratching my head, moving my
hair out of my eyes while speaking, playing with a pencil, adjusting my clothes, swaying back
and forth, etc.
___ 10. I will speak loudly and distinctly.
! 5
___ 11. I have prepared a conclusion, which restates my central theme or ideas. 

___ 12. I have rehearsed my speech at least twice and am familiar with all my notes.
! 6

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