Why Essays Are Stupid

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Essays are gay for several reasons. Nobody likes writing them because they arent fun to do. why do something thats not fun? They also are time consuming and do nothing but make some teacher happy that they kept you busy with such stupid busywork. Whens the last time you saw somebody who was not a student write an essay? Thats like seeing a flying purple hippo take a dump on a cop car while smoking a blunt. It doesnt happen. There are some people who get off on writing essays, definately not anyone in the right mind, but usually some little queer in the closet who cant make friends and sucks dick for coke. Of course they never tell anybody about it, but rumor has it that it still goes on behind closed doors. Youd be amazed at the secret lives nerds leave, they are some strange people. Teachers have good intentions, but are still pretty dumb. not quite as dumb as police officer, but equally ignorant. Ever notice how tv is nothing like real life, even though its supposed to reflect it? I always thought that they were supposed to be similar, but I was usually stoned at the time. They obviously spice up TV because life is too boring to make a tv show of. And when they do, its called real world. That show was stupider than hell, I couldnt believe, still dont believe that a show like that could be successfull. So in conclusion, that is why essays are gay, and so are teachers. May hippos shit on cop cars and spark it all night long. peace out people.


“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Arguments - English 102 - MLA essay

588 words - 3 pages Free Carmen Bastion Mr. Hernandez English 102 10 March 2018 “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Arguments Nicholas Carr wrote the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” this article focuses on Carr’s opinion about the internet affecting thinking. Although Carr made many arguments, this paper will only focus on three. Starting with the internet limits human thinking, second, using the internet for searching and reading is altering the way people read and

Reflection on Writing Essays over the semester - Laurier/English - Essay

563 words - 3 pages Final Reflection The two essays that I have chosen to include on my ‘Final Portfolio’ page are the essays from the last two units. I chose the evaluation essay because I think it is important to understand the importance of electric cars in the future. I really improved my ability to think critically about readings I encounter throughout the process of unit two because I had to think critically in order to make strong points for my essay. When I

Explain the logic of stupid poor people - Midlands tech English 101 - Essay

471 words - 2 pages English 101 2 October 2018 The logic of Stupid Poor People Primary Argument: The importance of having items can represents status. Support Argument: I. Ms. Cottom talks about how everyone wants to belong and how they would go out of their way to fit in. “Status Symbol; silk shells, designer shoes, luxury handbags- become keys to unlock this gate.” (pg. 1011). Wearing designer clothes or dressing nice can make a great first impression. II. Ms

Essay On Of Mice And Men John Steinbeck

1100 words - 5 pages movement. Lennie is afraid of the others and he also looks like he is modest, his movement is modest - he always holds his arms by his chest. This also tells about him that he is afraid, he does not want anybody to hurt him. And I like on John Malkovich that he understands the character and he does the same as Lennie. Every time when he appears on the screen, he has a stupid look in his face, because he does not understand many things, which are

The purpose of this assessment was to perform a formal analysis about a certain three essays - English - Formal analysis

1182 words - 5 pages Gray 2 Jarrett Gray Dr. Gilstrap English 1101 17 September, 2018 Instagram Social media sites such as Instagram are changing the way next generation humans interact with one another. Social media platforms allow for the newest generation of individuals to become social and at the same time individualistic. Nicholas Carrs’s essay, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, is a near replica of ideas about how inventions (social medias) help contribute to the

Essay On Silent Mill- Part 1

987 words - 4 pages alright. Come on answer me". I said to myself "why are these children crying" In the distance, I heard what seemed like the clicking of a record player, this seemed too strange. I walked backwards looking up and down for the source of the noise, when I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I had treaded backwards against the wall onto a nail. "Stupid kids", I said as a rubbed the back of my trousers noticing how wet my hand was, I moved into the light to

unit four lesson one two & three - English - assignment

4167 words - 17 pages approved your topic, the essay will not be accepted for credit, so do not skip this step.
2. This assignment requires at least three different sources: two articles from an Amarillo College library subscription database and one reliable web page that does not come from a library database. Personal web pages are not acceptable as sources for academic researched essays. You may use CQ Researcher as a third source if you wish, but you also need to use


383 words - 2 pages qualified and do better than men such as there are many women know about nursing but they can not work and even if they can, they have to work secretly or they must have relatives who work in that hospital to bring them in. They do have right to show their faces, their bodies in the public because “they are women” and might be beaten or killed by their own fathers or brothers. That is the most stupid rule I know about the restriction of Taliban

Learning Styles (visual learner) - Training and development - Assignment

635 words - 3 pages Learning Styles: Know and Use Your Personal Learning Style By Grace Fleming, About.com Your learning style may be the single most important key to improving your grades. Students learn in many ways, like seeing, hearing, and experiencing things first hand. But for most students, one of these methods stands out. Why is this important? Research has shown that students can perform better on tests if they change study habits to fit their own

critical reflection of a personal academic journey using the MBTI - University of Gloucestershire - Essay

3345 words - 14 pages , I feel like my opinions and views are not welcome and I am constantly talked over, so that is why now I never really want voice my opinion in class, and why when I am asked a question I stumble over my words and become nervous because I think that no one really cares what I have to say. I’m never really given a chance. Upon reflection I can actually say that I don’t like the person who I have become, when I was a secondary school I was never the

Silent Mill- Part 3

1003 words - 5 pages It's funny isn't it? When your dead you hear voices, but some people who are alive hear voices anyway. Its like a gift that you can't return, because theirs no receipt. No one wants it, but they have to live with it, in a matter of speaking I mean."Sonia can you hear me?" It was blurry and hard to see, I didn't know where I was, who I was, how I got here. I could feel my body being slapped and pinched,'Why don't they leave me alone?'"Wake up

class project about American Dream - English 10 - essay

668 words - 3 pages . Part 1—Previous Essay Assignments with Appropriate Revisions Please include two previous essay assignments with appropriate revisions. For each of these essays you will write a 2-3 paragraph “revision narrative” where you answer the following questions: 1. What are the strengths of this essay as related to the course objectives? Be sure to discuss the reading and writing objectives. Give specific examples from your essay to support your answer. 2

My experience this semester as a reader, writer and thinker - English 1301 - analyze

529 words - 3 pages Keydin Centeno Mr. Jones English 1301 04/29/2019 My Experience this Semester as a Reader, Writer, and Thinker This semester was my first semester as a college student. When you start your first semester of college, you do not expect anything that you will learn. but being the first I have learned how to develop my skills as a writer, thinker, and reader. I know that writing essays are not my strong point, that's why it was very frustrating for

Lord of The Flies Response essay - English/Livingston High School - Essay

768 words - 4 pages those who wanted to be heard got a chance to speak, and they also chose one person to be leader. The irony was evident as the book progresses. The island becomes chaotic and there are many fights over ideas and power. Personally, I think every person who has read this novel should read this essay because it truly expounded the lessons from the book in my mind. Overall, the book, ​Lord of the Flies​, by WIlliam Golding, can be analyzed from many different points of view. These three particular essays showed me the importance of themes in this novel, helped me find apparent irony, and showed me how this book and its characters can truly leave a mark on a person.

Dialogue: Night on the town

434 words - 2 pages SkitNarrator: AmandaDrunk Driver/ Birthday girl (Jasper): MarthaFriend 1(Erin): DanielleFriend 2(Rafael): JoeN: It’s a Thursday night, and Jasper’s 20th birthday. After a long week of school Jasper and her friends decide to go out to Piccadilly’s the most exciting bar on Thursday nights!* Jasper, Rafael, and Erin go into bar *E: So Rafael, Jasper, how was the first week of school, because mine was harsh?R: Erin, why are you