Why Geometry Is Important Essay

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Geometry is important for many reasons. It is used in almost all bases of life, including shopping, driving, work, and especially school. It is used most all the time too, not just every now and then, more like all the time.Geometry is used while shopping at the store. You use it to pick out an item that is not dented. Geometry is used to tell whether a fruit or vegetable is rotten, or out of shape. Knowing geometry, you can pick out the most plump and nutritious items to eat. When you choose a can of beans or soup, you use geometry to check whether the can is dented or not. Finally, when you check out, you look at the patterns and shapes on your money that you have to pay for the goods that you are buying. You need to make sure that you are using the right change in machines at the grocery store.Geometry is used in driving. When getting in the car, you open the door by using a handle, and that handle fits the door that fits the opening. Next, to turn the car on, you must fit the right key in the hole, so that the car will start up. While driving, you use geometry while turning the wheel, knowing the connection of the wheels, and that they are round, making them roll along the pavement, turning at your control. While parking, do you use common sense, you use geometry to pick a parking spot that is not taken up, and you use it by fitting the right car in the right place. Choosing your car after you get back from wherever you were going also takes geometry. You must make sure that your car is the same one that you came in, and you check the shape of the car to make sure of that.Working at a job takes an extreme amount of geometry use. Depending on the job, ...


Why the railroad is the most important invention - English - Essay

428 words - 2 pages Steven DeRoche Grade 11, junior Class: Mrs.Roberts Why is the railroad the most important invention during the industrial revolution? How did it shape the world we have today? Well that is the one thing i will discuss in the following paragraphs. The first steam powered locomotive was invented by​ ​Richard Trevithick ​in the year 1804 in great britain. With the start of the industrial revolution there was an increased need for faster

Why Is Confidentiality An Important Issue? Why Is It Also A Difficult Issue?

931 words - 4 pages Confidentiality is an important issue because without it, professionals would find it difficult to build relationships with their clients. Trust in a carer/client relationship is important, as a client would not want to share personal information with someone if they felt it was not confidential and Fulford (2001) agrees that confidentiality is a function of relationships. This could be why new employees in the caring profession find it


835 words - 4 pages , there are plenty of ways to recover from this illness. You can try natural ways such as exercising, meditation, yoga, and many other things that would help you relax. You can also distract yourself by having fun, spending time with your friends and family, and having some ‘me’ time can help as well. But the most important thing to keep in mind is to get help as early as possible. Anxiety is something that a lot of people don’t really understand

Why Is Important To Study The Media, Rather Than Simply Consume It?

1788 words - 8 pages The media is a dynamic entity inherent in society that is both powerful and important. It demonstrates this by playing a vital role in the development of a person's perspective on political, economic and socio-cultural issues. This consequently helps to shape individuals' viewpoints of the world and define their lives through the interpretation of media texts. (Newman, 2004). Bazalgette supported Newman's point by stating "Media studies open up

Why football is important to me - Lodi High/ English - essay

1139 words - 5 pages Free going to go. We told each other that we needed to go in confident and at the top of our game. One of my teammates, Dominic stated, “We could go down in history for this school. We need to make this community and school proud.” As we all left our separate ways for school, all I could think about is the game that night and my teammates. All of us are like family. We push each other in school, sports, and outside of school. We were all very close

Why Is The Old Testament Important To Both Jews And Christians?

678 words - 3 pages Tanakh is made up of the five books of Moses, (the Torah). These books tell the story of their creation, and how people came to be. A lot of important lessons can be learned from these stories. Other books in the Tanakh are the Prophecies, (Nevi'im) which consist of writings which are said to be messages of God, and the Writings (Ketuvim) which are said to be writings by people with the guidance of God.There are 613 laws in the Old Testament

Why Is The Issue Of Gender Important/Unimportant In Understanding International Politics?

1504 words - 7 pages both representatives of the family. Some of these women just have to humble with this their roles. In order to feed their family woman is willing to contribute with her. Sometimes they go working to be at the center of social connections with people, provide their own daytime and being involved in social sphere of activity.What can women do in order to being heard? Do they have any important role in playing the social games? Looking at the points

Dante's Inferno Essay 10 source essay on why trusting your gut is important - english - essay

2446 words - 10 pages can change and alter our reality for the worse can lead us to a “Sunken Place” where we are unable to escape the physical and emotional suffering of despair and hopelessness. A “sunken place” is a term created by Jordan Peele the director of the movie Get Out. According to Mr. Peele the sunken place is a “emotional and physical enslavement, marginalization, objectification” (Dr. Lewis) a very terrifying place. In the movie the we can see the

Compare geometry in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia - History of Mathematics - Essay

1887 words - 8 pages 1 Compare geometry in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia February 14, 2019 1 Introduction Geometry is the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional objects [1]. Geometric concepts were being utilised as early as 3000 BCE by the Egyptians and Babylonians, it was a beneficial approach to enhance social well being of the civilisations such as tax collection, building

Mathematics Essay 1 Assessment 1 - Swinburne University of Technology - Essay

1123 words - 5 pages groceries and other necessities individuals set a budget for themselves and make a list of things they important to buy and the quantity needed. Another example of numeracy is distance and telling the time. An individual who needs to take public transport to an interview must plan their journey ahead of the interview in order to get there on time. They must determine the distance they need to travel to get to the train station and the distance

Archimedes is a better inventor than Leonardo - history - Coolman

2500 words - 10 pages Ancient Greece, it was used to empty out water from ships that were leaking, it collected water from flooded mines, which was a huge problem in Ancient Greece. Crops were also watered with the use of the Archimedes screw by hauling water from rivers and lakes. The Archimedes screw was also used to save flooded land, which was especially important from areas of land, such as Holland, that had high sea levels. This contraption is still used today to

Maths IA--Break the rules of conventional geometry - Wuxi No.1 High School - Essay

1312 words - 6 pages . One of the important well-known results is the triangle angle sum—the sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to a straight angle (180 degrees). This causes an equilateral triangle to have 3 interior angles of 60 degrees. Also, it causes every triangle to have at least 2 acute angles and up to 1 obtuse or right angle. Proving Euclidean geometry There is a given triangle: Draw a line parallel to side BC of the triangle that passes through the

essay for the absolutely true diary of a part time indian - Cupertino High School - Essay

548 words - 3 pages success. There are many people that influence Arnold’s identity and the way he takes his decisions. Although, Mr. P and his grandmother are the most important influences on his personality. Mr. P influenced him to leave the sad and poverty stricken reservation while his grandmother gave gave him more hope of achieving big things. An important factor that influences Arnold is his conversation with Mr. P from which he is convinced about leaving the

Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was a mathematician, physicist and genius

558 words - 3 pages and physics to figure out the theories. His uncle, Jacob Einstein, introduced him to algebra and geometry. Algebra is math that searches for the unknown, known as "X". Geometry has to do with lines, points and angles. He understood them but he had a little trouble with calculations.As the years went by, World War II began. The US didn't know how to split the atom. Einstein feared the Nazis were onto nuclear fission, the splitting of the atoms

Hidden Figures - Analyzing a good or important movie - 4U English Highschool - Essay

3357 words - 14 pages Analyzing a Good and/or Important Movie Hidden Figures ENG 4U Mr. Dobson Madeline Hopkins Monday, September 25, 2017 Hidden Figures is a good and important movie that exemplifies the capabilities of women, and men of all colours by breaking racial, male, and female stereotypes that have been problematic for decades. Throughout the movie, as we follow the three protagonists, in pursuit of gender, as well as, racial equality, numerous stereotypes