Why Halifax Is The Best City In Canada Nscc Communications Foundations Essay

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Why Halifax is the best city in Canada
How many of you would rather live in Montreal, Toronto, or any other city right now. Montreal has hockey games, Amusement park, and concerts, and wrestling. Toronto has the Eaton center which is a shopping mall, sports game, the CN tower, and many other things. Those cities along with many others may be a great place to take a trip to for a few days, but I’m going to tell you why Halifax is the best city to live in. I can understand why you might want to live in a different city but after this talk you won’t have a doubt in your mind that Halifax is the best city to live in. As someone who has lived has lived in Halifax for 20 years, I can honestly that I can’t imagine living in a different city but if I ever had to move for work or family I know that it would be a big adjustment.
Transition : I’m here today to tell you why Halifax is the best city in Canada, and my three points will convince you of that.
A) Tons of Universities
1. You can choose any career you want and then see what education you would need. There are four different universities but five different locations.
2. The fact that there are five universities proves that there are a lot of people who live in Halifax. Some people will come to Halifax just to go to school here. As someone who works for a landlord, I know that some people who move to Halifax are students and some of them probably move to Halifax just because the one of the universities here are so great.
3. Students are only a...

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