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Why Is The Issue Of Gender Important/Unimportant In Understanding International Politics?

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Women are amazing creaturesMoulded with dazzling featuresWomen are an object of mysteryHave their own place in historyWomen are more vulnerable stratum of the society. Providing their rights, political, social involvement and improving all these aspects of women's lives, is the main condition of successful society and state. The issue of gender is not a new phenomenon in international politics. It is coming over the years, decades. The short poem given above describes us women as women. Nowadays it rarely concerns to the women. Alterations in the society deeply influence to the problems of gender. In order to survive, the women have to force into all spheres of social life: business, ...view middle of the document...

Gender issues are disputable in world communities and to put the role of women equally with men gives them more rights to feel themselves, need in the society. The most questionable moments in gender issues are the problem of - degradation of social sphere (L'udi I Roli: Gendernii Format, p.12). Women are 'throwing away' from the social and economical institutions, because of their less demand. The special seats are in general, in the men hands. They are not in risk of going to decree, weak and requiring supplementary pays. Thus the men are basic means in bringing total benefits to family.The second problem is- sexual, discriminative stereotypes according to the role of woman in the family and society (L'udi I Roli: Gendernii format, p.13). This is most arguable and still remaining problem among the countries of the South. The problem with kidnapping young women is getting more serious crime, at first, bringing dangerous consequences for the health of woman. There are a lot of centers, which are willing to protect their rights and suggest their help to women. Unfortunately, there are fewer indexes when women appeal for centers, intended for protects women's rights. In the countries with Islamic cultures, traditions these kinds of programs are encountering very rarely. Most of the women think that there is no need to appeal for or just afraid of being disgraced by the society.The third problem is - the problem of violence over the women (L'udi I Roli: Gendernii format, p.14). Being unsheltered in the society, women are the 'targets' for men's capriciousness. Women in face of feeble, fragile species are in more probability to find themselves under their men's control. They are willing to take part in different kinds of 'untidy' advertisements, which are doing with their body whatever they want. One of those examples - is pornography, which is being a vehicle for male power (Women: a feminist perspective, p.471).Public opinion prefers to think about that women are more desired at home but not in politics. Men are the only decision-makers and takers, are easily able to adjust in changing conditions, and 'conquering' high ranges in the government. In 1946 the UN Commission on the Status of Women was established to secure equal political rights, economic rights, and educational opportunities for women throughout the world2. The women's participation in political processes face with some difficulties, because of men's dominance in these spheres. They have almost total power in taking very important decisions. "…In fact the vast majority of heads of state, of diplomats, and of soldiers are male…" (International Relations, J. S. Goldstein, p.124). Some peoples' attitudes towards the role of women in politics are skeptical. Influencing of stereotypes that women are the keepers the house, spreading to broad scales. Despite these opinions women struggle for their own rights, building up international organizations which works to move them. The...

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