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Water Polo
Harry Peterson
10 Benefits Of Playing Water Polo:
● Burns calories –​ When you play water polo, you are guaranteed a non-stop, fat-burning workout. While in the water,
you are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool, as it is one of the main rules of the game. This means your legs
must be kicking constantly, treading water, in order to keep your upper body above water so that you may continue to
play the game. This constant movement burns calories and helps lead to weight loss.
● Cardio workout –​ All of this movement gets your heart pumping! To ensure proper heart health, one must partake in
cardio workouts for at least 30 minutes each day. Getting your heart pumping higher than its resting rate each and
every day in order prevent heart-related illnesses, repairs damage and can whip your heart back into shape. Water
polo is an excellent way to do cardio training because of the constant exercise you partake in.
● Full-body workout –​ No part of your body sits still during a water polo game. You tread water with your legs, contort
your body with your core, and you reach, catch, and throw with your arms. Muscle groups throughout your entire body
are engaged, and with repeated activity they gain increased strength.
● High-resistance-​ The properties of water allow you to stay afloat in it, but they also mean that you have to exert quite
a bit of energy to move against it. This extra resistance against your movement causes you to push your body against
the flow of the water, and combines a cardiovascular workout with a strength workout. If you play water polo often,
your body will easily tone right up!
● Builds endurance –​ As an intensive workout, water polo pushes the athletic boundaries of the player and increases
their stamina and endurance. This is beneficial because it allows you to exercise for longer without becoming
exhausted, making you a stronger athlete. One ​study​ conducted in 2001 found that taking part in exercises that
increase endurance even has the ability to reduce oxidative stress.
● Cooling effect –​ Exercising in the water is a great choice because it keeps your body from getting overheated, which
leads to feelings of exhaustion. Therefore, water polo, swimming, and other aquatic exercises allow you to exercise
your body thoroughly without giving up. This provides for long, fulfilling workouts.
● Teaches strategy –​ In water polo, it is necessary to strategize with your team in order to overcome your competitors.
Putting this into practice builds your mental strength, which will benefit you in all areas of life and reduce the stress
you experience in the work environment and in your personal life.
● Injury prevention –​ Another great benefit of...

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