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Why Marriage Is Horrible Essay

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I was given this key piece of advice a couple of years back by the biggest stud known to man- Trevor.Trevor is a 40 ish year old bartender at a local bar, so he knows something about life and love. He is has an 8th grade education but his dick is a Rhodes Scholar. The guy screws more women than the Republican party; and he told me this:If an attractive married women wants to sleep with you andyou either have a death wish or are a trained cage fighter then what the hell doit. Sex with a married woman will be the best sex of your life. When a marriedwomen has an affair it is equivalent to you being in the penitentiary for 20years and then being released and unleashing all 20 years of pressure ...view middle of the document... I called her. I had to make sure she was still down, so I sang her the Jon B "Still Down Song."Baby are you still down(Are you still down)Are you down for me babyBaby are you still down(I want to lay your body down right here)Still down for meBaby are you still downStill down for meBaby are you still down(Baby you belong to me)Still down for meBaby are you still downStill down for meBaby are you still down(Are you lonely out there, alright)Still down for meBaby are you still down(Come on right away now baby)Still down for meBaby are you still down(I want you, do you want me to)Still down for meBaby are you still down(So on and on and on and on)Still down for meBaby are you still downStill down for meBaby are you still downAre you still down for meBaby are you still downStill down for meYou still down for me?I wonder what happened to Jon you think him and Snow opened up a Skating Rink in Florida....or do they sell insurance in The Napa Valley....I wonder.So Renee popped over. She lives an hour and a half...

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