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The Biosphere Practice Test
Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1. The branch of biology dealing with interactions among organisms and between
organisms and their environment is called
a. economy. c. recycling.
b. modeling. d. ecology.
2. The combined portions of Earth in which all living things exist is called the
a. biome. c. ecosystem.
b. community. d. biosphere.
3. All of the members of a particular species that live in one area are called a(an)
a. biome. c. community.
b. population. d. ecosystem.
4. Which of the following descriptions about the organization of an ecosystem is
a. Communities make up species, which make up populations.
b. Populations make up species, which make up communities.
c. Species make up communities, which make up populations.
d. Species make up populations, which make up communities.
5. The simplest grouping of more than one kind of organism in the biosphere is
a. a population. c. an ecosystem.
b. a community. d. a species.
6. The lowest level of environmental complexity that includes living and nonliving
factors is the
a. biome. c. ecosystem.
b. community. d. biosphere.
7. Plants are
a. producers. c. herbivores.
b. consumers. d. omnivores.
8. What is the original source of almost all the energy in most ecosystems?
a. carbohydrates c. water
b. sunlight d. carbon
Figure 3–1
9. The algae at the beginning of the food chain in Figure 3–1 are
a. consumers. c. producers.
b. decomposers. d. heterotrophs.
10. An organism that uses energy to produce its own food supply from inorganic
compounds is called a(an)
a. heterotroph. c. detritivore.
b. consumer. d. autotroph.
11. An organism that cannot make its own food is called a(an)
a. heterotroph. c. autotroph.
b. chemotroph. d. producer.
12. Organisms that obtain nutrients by breaking down dead and decaying plants and
animals are called
a. decomposers. c. autotrophs.
b. omnivores. d. producers.
13. What is an organism that feeds only on plants called?
a. carnivore c. omnivore
b. herbivore d. detritivore
14. All the interconnected feeding relationships in an ecosystem make up a food
a. interaction. c. network.
b. chain. d. web.
15. The total amount of living tissue within a given trophic level is called the
a. organic mass. c. energy mass.
b. trophic mass. d. biomass.
16. What is an ecological model of the relationships that form a network of complex
interactions among organisms in a community from producers to decomposers?
a. food web c. food chain
b. an ecosystem d. a population
17. What is the term for each step in the transfer of energy and matter within a food
a. energy path c. trophic level
b. food chain d. food pyra...


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1682 words - 7 pages , they were denied the right to use the same lunch counter as whites. They were denied all the rights and privileges that were taken for granted by the whites. Martin Luther King Jr. said it very poignantly when he described having to explain to his six-year-old daughter why she could not go to a park only because she was born black instead of white (Howard-Pitney 79). Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X both found that there were too many cases

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659 words - 3 pages Both Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X made good points, but Martin Luther King made the most sense for Americans in the 1960’s. Martin Luther’s plan is to fight non-violently by boycotting and having marches, while Malcolm X’s plan is to fight if needed. Martin Luther King made the most sense because fighting will lead to destruction and even more segregation. In document A is the “I Have a Dream.” speech by Martin Luther King, this speech is

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1634 words - 7 pages human being are sexual by nature, but I think human being are sinful but nature too, so it does not mean one always have to follow the human nature. In his writings, Martin Luther wrote high in regards to government. He believed that government is to provide security, avoid injustice and avoid chaos in the society. He asks people to follow the rules and regulations of the government. I think there is nothing wrong with him saying everyone should

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1006 words - 5 pages derogatory towards them. Through this passage he recognizes the flaws of his opponents and provides rebuttals to their arguments, but does not place blame on the white community in any way whatsoever. Martin Luther King Jr. shows that he praises the acts of some church members in supporting his goal of equality. “I commend you, Reverend Starlings, for your christian stand on this past Sunday, in welcoming Negroes to your worship service on a non