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Why People Are Resistant To Change?

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Change comes about because of many reasons, some firms want to change because they want to increase profit and efficiency. In firms many of the employees are very resistant to change because:- Fearful of being made redundant- Fear of not being able to cope with the new environment eg. Employees are scared that if their firm implements a computer system then they won't understand how t use it.- They are also very content with the environment they have now so is therefore uncertain about the futureThe process of accomadating people to change begins even before the change takes place because the quicker people start to accept the idea of change, the easier the change becomes. One way to begin accommodating ...view middle of the document...

In fact surveys should be an ongoing process as well since surveys can also be used for tracking the effects of change throughout the organization for effective follow-through. They can also find people who are still reluctant to change or are not happy with the changes made. These people should be persuaded and force should never be used. Successful changes can boast of higher productivity and quality, with reduced costs and little to no jobs that are made redundant.Another method to help break down employee's resistance to change is to use case studies to show the failure of firms that don't respond to change as this shows evidence that the firm actually needs to change for survival.To make people become more comfortable and open to change is to provide training courses for new skills that the change needs for the employees because this will immediately make employees feel more secure about not being made redundant.Bringing in a competitors product and discussing the implications can also break down people's resistance to change because when they realize that if they don't follow the trend of the market then they will loose out on profit which would ultimately mean they loose their jobs.The atmosphere you want to create is that there is discomfort with the status quo which ultimately means staying as we are is more of a threat than changing. Once this way of thinking is implemented into all levels of the company then that is when change can really being to flourish and also the firm will become a lot more adept to changing again which is important because change is an on-going process that doesn't end.

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