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Why Reading/ Books Are Important Essay

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5 Paragraph EssayWhen you think of books you think of bedtime stories and fun adventures. A book tells some ones story and everyone deserves to be heard. Reading is more than just words on a page, it helps you escape reality, relieve stress and increase your knowledge.Firstly, sometimes all you want to do is live in someone else's shoes, well here is your chance. Reading will help you escape from reality and remove yourself from your present situation. In Fahrenheit 451, the old lady that ...view middle of the document...

When you read a book, you can be transported into the story and feel as if you belong.Another thing that reading does is reducing stress. Reading lowers your heart rate and calms you down. It's exam time and you have so much on your mind and your heart rate is all over the place. By ready you will think over the situation and calm yourself down so you can concentrate on what's really important. When you're into a good book, everything in your mind vanishes, therefore reducing stress.Lastly, knowledge is gained from reading. In the book Fahrenheit 451, Captain Beety and the rest of the fire fighters are afraid books would leak knowledge from the past. Knowledge isn't necessarily a bad thing though. Just reading one chapter will increase your vocabulary incredibly. You will also increase your knowledge from history by revelling unknown facts. Don't let Captain Beety and the rest of the incorrect citizens let you think that books contain bad, useless information.In conclusion, when you open a book, a story is not the only think released and valued. Secret knowledge, ways to escape from your daily life and a stress reliever are three of many gifts you receive. Treasure these gifts and receive many benefits in the long run.By: Julia Keogh 9B

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