Why Should I Have Respect For Authority Self Development Essay

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Why I Should have Respect for Authority
Police Officers are well respected members of the modern society we live in, and are vital to the growth of the community. In addition to Police Officers being adults, they are deserving and should be granted respect, especially from students. Associating the police with ANY word other than their entitled role is a form of disrespect. .
             To maintain a working society it is vital to have some degree of law and order. While there is a fine line between a police state and a human rights model, in either type of society a policing force is required so that the citizens will adhere to the laws created by elected government. Police must be respected or else our near perfect society will fall into utter chaos. Without respect towards police officers we cannot live in a civilized society.
             Police deserve respect because they are serving the public. They put their lives in danger for ours and try their best to maintain law and order, safety, and support for all citizens in a community. With their job, comes responsibility and specific actions that must be carried out at times. Treating an officer in any inappropriate manner, such as using demeaning terms like "po-po", is completely unacceptable. For instance, if you were a police officer carrying out your duties and some kid used derogative names for the title of your occupation, you'd probably be quite upset..
Police should not only be respected for their duties, but because they have an authorities figure. Officers are entitled to arrest people and even take their lives if need be. Calling them names, or disregarding their authority is a violation itself. There is no need to use inappropriate behavior around non-authorities citizens, and ESPECIALLY not around Police Officer's, who have more authority then most.
             In conclusion, it doesn't matter whether you are a Police Officer or not. A teacher or a mechanic.
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