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Derek. Askey
Mr. Scott
Making a Change in Appetite
The golden rule is to treat someone the way you would want to be treated, but should this rule
only apply to people? Technological advances has enabled people to manipulate nature for their
benefit, the only question is to what degree should people manipulate nature. Systematic animal
farming is cruel and defeats the purpose of growing livestock, A by product of systematic animal
farming is pollution on a large magnitude, however other promising options exist that can
reverse our damage on the environment and discontinue the torturous conditions people entail
our livestock in. Humans should cease their dependence on large scale systematic animal
farming because it is wrong to treat animals unfairly and it is destroying our environment.
The conception of farming livestock was not originally a cruel idea, it was a method of
providing fresh protein to the local community that ultimately resulted in mutual benefits. But as
time went by the welfare of the animal slowly dwindled in the minds of farmers since the
potential fortune was at the animals expense. But what if the cheap man ends up paying twice.
The meat consumed from systematic animal farming does more bad than good. Since the animals
live in stressful conditions, it takes a toll on their health which translates into their meat. Which
means that not only do the animals live practically in hell, but the consumers are also putting a
huge tax on their bodies. What once began as something that was mutually beneficial is now
mutually detrimental, it seems currently that quantity has usurped quality and ethics.
Another reason which should in itself halt the practice of systematic animal farming is the
fact that the by product of those operations is pollution that could pose as a serious risk in the
near future. Initially farmers would use the animals droppings as fertilizer for their crops,
however since most animal farming is done on an extremely dense scale there is not enough land
to absorb all of the excrement. The current answers to managing the waste is not environmentally
sustainable either, attempt...

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