Assignment On Why We Have An Imagination

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I think that we were given an imagination to let us explore beyond the boundaries of what we experience every day. By having an imagination we can go outside of this universe and into a whole new realm of thoughts and ideas. I believe that the purpose of our imagination is to broaden our minds so that we go beyond reality into a deeper part of our minds. By doing this I think that we expand our knowledge of the world faster than if we stick to thinking of what we can only see, smell, touch, taste, and hear. ...view middle of the document...

And it's all because of our imaginations and that simple question of "what if?" Although our imaginations are amazing and wonderful things they do have some shortfalls. Many people have let there imaginations wonder into many different things that have led to some of the downfalls of this world. Examples of these downfalls are war, murder, terrorism, drugs, guns, alcohol, and many other things that are used or happen every day. The imagination can be a very dangerous thing if used in the wrong way.Many people use there imaginations and never come back to reality, putting their self in a state of false reality. Meaning that they only believe what they want to believe and for everything else they come up with something else in there minds to replace what really happened. After a while of false reality some people go into a state of insanity or have a mental breakdown. This is the reason our world has to have institutes for the mentally insane, as to protect people from themselves or from hearting anyone else. The imagination is a very delicate thing, but if used in the right way it can be one of the most wonderful things man can use in creation.


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1517 words - 7 pages in their key responsibility as a state. Although this could be an argument for why we shouldn’t have a state, they still do offer more protection than having no state at all, even if it is only minimal at times. Moreover, examples of stateless societies exhibit why society is best off in the form of a state as it provides stability making it less likely of a breakdown in society.[footnoteRef:5] A state can collapse when its claim to exercise

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507 words - 3 pages Why do we have so much traffic in Miami? The 2017 Global Traffic Scorecard ranked Miami 12th among U.S. cities where the drivers spend more hours in a traffic jam. About 64 hours during the rush hours with the economic cost of approximately $2,072 per driver annually. Many are the causes of this issue, and as regular driver Miami’s fast – growing population, inadequacy of the public ‘s city transportation system, and the rudest behavior of

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427 words - 2 pages likely to seek more dependable buyers, whereas governments can prosecute the company. Meanwhile, unions may engage in disruptive labor disputes and rivals may respond to unfair competition by anticompetitive moves of their own or by filing antitrust suits while communities may oppose the company's attempt to locate its facilities in their area, and the general public ma form pressure group demanding action against companies that impair the quality of life. Any of these reactions can have a disastrous impact on the organisations. So, that is why I think that stockholders do always have the same amount of influence over an organisation.

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784 words - 4 pages . They do not want to be on edge, armed and ready for an attack. To begin with, teachers do not have the training. Imagine if they accidentally shot a student who was coming around a corner, thinking it was someone intending harm. How can a glock go against a machine gun? There is just no amount of training that can be had by teachers to properly prepare them for a school shooter situation. Next, during a lockdown, time is very precious. When a lock

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1194 words - 5 pages The world is constantly evolving, changing, growing, learning, yet somehow we continue to cling onto so called “traditional views”. No matter how many years go by, no matter how many laws are passed, women are still viewed as less. It doesn’t matter what women achieve or what they do. There are examples of this all around, even in the year 2018. One such example is the wage gap. Wikipedia defines the gender wage gap as “average difference

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1019 words - 5 pages Sean Kim Ms. Stewart English 30-1 Period 4 March 14, 2018 Embrace or Reject Uncertain Future When we were young, we were told what to do. Individuals did not have a choice of what they want to do in the future but as individuals grow, they have the choice to decide what they want to do in the future. Individuals imagine things differently from others. How individuals imagine things affect individual’s willingness to embrace or refuse an

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1344 words - 6 pages The story is based on the quote, "What's the use of stories that aren't even true?" The use of these stories is to help people get an imagination, and to help people keep their imagination. One question you could ask is, who are fantasy stories mostly told to? They are told to children and babies. This is probably the reason why they have more imagination. Imagine a child without an imagination. Just think what a boring life it would have. The

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1340 words - 6 pages Don Quixote’s final transformation and sudden disillusionment comes when he exits his dreams, both physically from his sleep and metaphorically from the alternate life he created for himself. Immediately believing he had taken on a new madness, his friends attempt to revert him to his alternate reality, “‘Why Senor Don Quixote!’ exclaimed Sanson. ‘What makes you talk like that, just when we have received news that my lady Dulcinea is

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1892 words - 8 pages to Don Quixote; the characters in A Midsummer Night's Dream pray that the events that took place were just a dream, whereas Don Quixote constantly denies that his dream was just that and claims to have discovered something extraordinary. Imagination is limitless, and with it the mind can create an entire world of its own. This is a central theme in Don Quixote, as he uses his unrelenting imagination to create his own adventures throughout the

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678 words - 3 pages over others? Is it due to merit or SES? These are all questions to ask when it comes to analysing college selectivity. In addition, how does this apply to the sociological imagination? Our perspective of why we pick what we pick has a lot to do with the world around us, and how does this play into social reproduction, we carry these ideas and structures from generation to generation. When we take a look at SES in accordance to college selectivity

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945 words - 4 pages true so that people wouldn't get into it so much and actually believe it. If he had not told us some people may have believed this and could have gotten really mad a t Lucian for writing a false story. In telling us he was a liar, he is almost saving his tail from being chewed out. But as we look at it now we think of what an idiot would do this and ruin the whole surprise for everyone. You rarely see this now days, actually this is the only time I

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1872 words - 8 pages Rigopoulos Gianna Rigopoulos Mr. Chaudhry ENG4U-01 December 21, 2018 American Psycho: Lost Between The Imagination and Reality In Plato's philosophy of evil he says “to suffer evil is bad, but to do evil is much worse, only we can harm our souls”. Which is exactly what happens to character Patrick Bateman as doing evil and imagining evil become one and the same for him and ruins his mental state. In Bret Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho, the

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982 words - 4 pages — Mrs.Mitty.As we all know, it is clear that he is a typical quiet man, just listen the orders from Mrs.Mitty and do it without any hesitation , even not standing up for himself.Due to the fact that Mrs.Mitty has overbearing and dominate characters, always giving out to him and telling him what to do. We can easily guess that they have an unhappy relationship.Walter therefore use some romantic daydreams to escape. GEOLOGY 101 REPORT !1 On the other

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890 words - 4 pages teachers need to advocate for student autonomy. The government benefits from schooling as they are able to use it as a vessel to control the information and ideals that it deems that the population need to have and it is an easy way to filter it through a system where it is compulsory for all individuals to attend and therefore enables the government to maintain control of the knowledge that we as individuals are given. Individuals benefit by gaining