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Japneet 7G
In this world every living thing falls into three categories; humans, plants, or
animals. On one hand there are these living creatures belonging to the family of apes
that have developed since time. They are easy to tell apart from the other two
categories with their upright posture and high manual dexterity compared to other
animals. They are open-ended and use complex language compared to other animal
communications and have larger and more complex brains. They are humans. The
other category;plants, are very different from this. All living things that are not humans
or animals including algae and fungi, are treated as plants. They get most of their
energy from sunlight via photosynthesis. Because of human activities, we are losing our
trees at a rapid rate and if we don’t do something about it, soon we’ll have no more
trees left. Deforestation has become a major environmental issue and since we are
losing massive amounts of trees, we are causing more health problems for ourselves
because less trees, means less oxygen for us to breathe in which we require to survive.
Deforestation is the removal of forests on a big level by cutting down plants or
burning forests to meet personal needs. Forests are of great importance for all humans
are also very crucial for managing the natural balance in the environment. However,
human beings are regularly cutting down trees without seeing it’s side effects on the
society and environment. Wood has always been of great significance even from the
ancient times and it can be used for many purposes like heating fuel, building houses,
ships and many more daily activities of human beings. Forests are very necessary for
us and our future generations so they can live a healthy and peaceful life in a healthy
environment free of any pollution.
Deforestation is rising to become a major global problem to the environment. It is
a serious threat to Earth and it is showing the end of life on this planet. The regular
cutting of forests is creating a lot of negative effects on the climate, environment,
biodiversity is is threatening the survival of humans. There are many causes of
deforestation like extraction of wood for the increasing population of humans. Wood is
considered the primary product of forests. The growing population requires more land to
live so they need to cut down forests. This way, deforestation is going on rapidly to meet
the basic needs of humans. The effects of deforestation are faster than the
deforestation itself. It is affecting human lives in tons of ways and it is adding a lot of
negative changes to the environment and atmosphere. Humans are being so
selfish;they are doing deforestation by completely removing the trees without replanting.
However, they do not know that they are creating problems for themselves.
The permanent destruction of these forests results in many effects like loss of
animal homes, animals dying, seasonal change, global warming, increasing greenhouse

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