Why Young Marriages Should Not Be Allowed Valencia College Argumentative Essay

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Why Young Marriages Should Not Be Allowed
Gulnozakhon Mirjumaeva
ENC 1101
Professor Carter
November 29th,2016
Creating a family requires maturity, understanding, and responsibility. The age at what people should get married is a question which many people argue about. Every country has its own law toward the age to get married such as, in Ecuador girls are allowed to marry at the age of 12, and boys are allowed to get married at the age of 14. However, people under the age of 18 should not be allowed to marry due to many reasons specifically because they don’t have enough ability to take care of their own families, they don’t have enough life-skills to accept their partners’ habits, manners, and attitude easily, and the most of young people under the age of 18 are not financially stable.
First of all, young couples do not have enough ability to take care of their families because they are still young to control themselves and consider the opinions of their partners and society. Moreover, they can easily get angry when they are not happy with the behavior of their partners, and they are easy to get jealous when they feel uncertainty about their partners’ loyalty. That all takes place because young people often don’t have any social experience. In addition, they have little knowledge of how to control their families or how to make them happy. As a result, such families’ lives will be short or will be managed badly. Kay Moffett, author of Not Your Mother’s Divorce: A Practical Guide to Surviving the End of a Young Marriage, in an interview for the article “Too Young to Get Married?” shared her opinion, according to which young couples who got married too early are not mature enough for marriage. She also advised young people to wait for their 20s, and then think about wedding. Moffett thinks that this will give young men and women enough time to find themselves, become more mature and patient, and form their personalities. It is the fact that family’s life can be dangerous if people don’t know how to handle it, and ultimately, it can lead to an unhappy marriage, or even worse, to divorce.
Second, young people are not skilled enough to accept their partners’ habits and manners. Family building is a very complex process because people who get married are different, and they have different lifestyles, habits, and manners. Very often, young people have to change their ways of eating, sleeping, and behavior. Since they are too young, they can’t always do it right because they don’t have enough knowledge, skills, and experience. When young couple just starts to live together, accepting each other’s habits becomes very difficult; meanwhile, the more mature couples already know how to find a compromise, how to change their attitude and manners to make their families happier. Of course we may think that if there is a love between young people, they, eventually, will learn how to be patient and find a compromise; however, very often it takes more time t...


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