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If you are trying to pick up a paper online then you should be ashamed of yourself. People work very hard for their grades and you are cheating! Shame.CHEATER RULES!!! This bitchin' new combo from Santa Monica, CA serves up a unique blend of melody, hooks and emotionally charged, aggressive hardcore that is undeniable.CHEATER is led by the always dapper Mark Phillips, a veteran of the L.A. hardcore scene who originally hails from the Washington, D.C. area. Phillips be ...view middle of the document...

He quickly found 19 year old skate rat Ben Collete to play bass and South Bay surf legend Dennis McGivern as an additional guitarist. Ben's aggressive picking style provides the perfect undercurrent for the Phillips/McGivern sonic guitar fury. Drummer Chris Webb of One Hit Wonder fills in on drums for CHEATER'S first full length record "Home Is Where The Heart Is" and keeps time with military precision and train wreck energy. After auditioning some 30 candidates, CHEATER found what they were looking for in the hard hitting intensity of drummer Jaime Harris."Home Is Where The Heart Is" on Theologian Records (Cheater's debut release is a mini-album titled "Experience All The Hate" on Stiff Pole Records) takes the listener on an odyssey of love and revenge. With help from Fletcher and knob twister Donnell Cameron (whose credits include Bad Religion, Rancid and Sublime to name a few), the bittersweet melodies, fat guitars and punk as fuck rhythms played with conviction and soul give "Home Is Where The Heart Is" a truly unique sound. Live, CHEATER'S manic intensity and Phillips' ability to incite audiences have built them a solid following.CHEATER is currently planning a U.S. tour and is featured on the soundtrack to Taylor Steele's surf movie "The Show" also available on Theologian Records.


Read The Sermon On The Mount (Matthew 5-7) & Comment On What It Tells You About Christianity

567 words - 3 pages will not do to you. Jesus speaks of rewards very often and that seems to be the underlying meaning of his sermon. He repeats that if you do this or that then you will or will not be rewarded by God. Throughout the sermon, Jesus seems to focus on the rewards as opposed to the acts of goodness, and this seems to be what God doesn't want. But Jesus later speaks of doing good deeds in private so not to be doing it for the reward you get, but out of the

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1016 words - 5 pages obvious they have been beaten up badly. Later that day you find out that was your best friend is involved in the bullying. What do you do? I personally have many values but the largest value I show is courage. What would I do? I personally will use my value of courage and approach the friend involved in the bullying a nicely ask for his side of the story. I wouldn't want to accuse anyone of something they didn't do or if I heard wrong. If he tells

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424 words - 2 pages Free shalt not kill.’ This means life should be protected. Abortion does the opposite and kills an unborn child. As a consequence of this teaching, Roman-Catholics may not have abortions and will usually protest against it. This is a strong argument as people do not wish to kill people and if God has said not to, then we should obey Him. Other Christians such as Church of England may agree with this statement as all human life is created in Gods image and

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914 words - 4 pages procrastination and some helpful hints. Hopefully this paper will open the minds of most students out there and prevent them from procrastinating, and show their real talent at schoolwork.References Gard, C. J. (1999, December). Getting Over The 'I'll do it Tomorrow' Blues. Current Health 2; October 1999. 1-2 Jiao, Q. G. & Onwuegbuzie A. J. (2000 , January). I'll go to the library later: The Relationship between Academic Procrastination and Library Anxiety. College & Research Libraries 61 no1. 45-54 Janssen, T. (1999. Decenber). The effects of Locus of Control and task difficulty on Procrastination. Magazine: Journal of Genetic Psychology, December 1999. 1-3

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440 words - 2 pages Free store calcium so that your skeleton will be strong later in life. If your body does not get the calcium it needs from your diet, it takes calcium from the only source that it has: your bones. This can lead to brittle bones later in life and broken bones at any time.Okay, so now I know I should start preventing this now, but how do I do that?Preventing osteoporosis is easy. Go outside and get some exercise every day. Eat healthy foods, especially foods that are rich in Calcium and Vitamin D (which helps absorb calcium). And choose not to smoke. Studies have shown that if you take these precautions, chances of getting osteoporosis are quite low, so get going!!!

Weekly Journal Goals: BEGINNING - Writer Workshop - Weekly Journal

764 words - 4 pages overcome your own obstacles.Ó One day later I confronted Juley and give paper that sayÓ NOTHING WILL BLOCK ME FROM BECOME SMART EVEN MY DISABILITIESÓ Juley laughed so hard after reading it then leave. Later about 2 years later, we have big graduation ceremony. After the teacher talk about great this year is. Then my principal come to stage then will called the person who got best academic award (highest GPA in this school). She called, ÒOsman

My Friend, A Thief!

652 words - 3 pages handling the situation will not only be my responsibility but others' as well. Thus the more brains working to solve the issue the better. Also higher authorities such as teachers and parents have more experience and power over the convict than me. They probably have dealt with issues such as this in their earlier years. I as a simple student do not have any right to deal with this issue all by myself, but they do. However this can cause a breakage

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543 words - 3 pages were submissive to their parents’ rules and were thought to be incapable of logical thought. Juliet demonstrates the opposite qualities of a conventional women. Juliet is willing to leave her family and willing to die for love, making her an unconventional woman in the Elizabethan period. This is shown when Lord Capulet talks with Juliet about the arranged marriage with Paris. Juliet later rejects her father’s wishes “I will not marry yet: and


334 words - 2 pages Free Duncan for a very long time; it was because of me that our army was able to defeat Sweno. And this is all I get, one piece of lousy land, after all I've done. And what does Duncan do, he makes his son Prince of Cumberland! "¦ Now for me to be king, I will not only have to get rid of Duncan but his son as well. Since Duncan is coming over to my place it would be easier to kill him, and this way in less time I will become king, and so my lady seems to agree with it. I, Macbeth, will be king and will rule Scotland in the palm of my hand, just like the prophecy stated.

Measure Of Friendship What defining qualities in a person can measure the strength of your friendship with him or her? Loyalty, Humor and Kindness

371 words - 2 pages Measuring of friendship is a hard thing to do. What qualities must a person posses that would make them appeal to you as being a friend? The qualities that you like must be ever present for there will be problems later on if the friend has a change of personality. I measure a friendship by the degree of the following. Loyalty, Humor, and kindness.First and foremost there is loyalty. Without this there can be no friendship for you to measure to

Land Degradation

460 words - 2 pages few salt-tolerant trees, which help by:1. If we can do this, Soil erosion will hopefully be kept to a minimum and farmers would be able to make more profit and provide us with food. Without these leaves, photosynthesis can not occur, so the plants die. This excess of nutrients encourages algae to grow. er, to prevent further damage, and, years later, to try to replant crops. As salty water cannot be absorbed by plants, the plant runs out of water, so its leaves fall off. This algae uses up oxygen from the water, which kills other live such as fish living in the water.


547 words - 3 pages will defend my choice before I make it. I would do whatever it takes not to legitimize, but instead I'll give a fair guard that will be sufficient for myself; that way, in the event that others get some information about my choice, I can be sure and alright with the reason I settled on the choice. 6. Will I rest soundly today? No, until the point when I achieve my objective and escape this house, I will sleep and get great rest. I never rested on

English 4 1.11 Macbeth Observation, Interpretation, And Critique

336 words - 2 pages English 4 1.11 Macbeth Observation, Interpretation, and CritiqueIn William Shakespeare's story Macbeth, the hero, faces a conflict that impacts how the play will go and delivers a message within the story. The conflict starts with the prophecies of the Weird Sisters and later on gets worse from the trickery of Lady Macbeth. The result concludes a series of repeating thoughts running through Macbeth's mind, whether to kill or not to kill

Take The Risk, Dr. Ben Carson M.D. - PCA - English 12 - Book Report

421 words - 2 pages outlines his experiences growing up and as the title states, it is all about the risks he took and invites us to do the same if we want to achieve greater successes. The main objective of this book is for us to embrace risk and look at it as something that can make your life better and more fulfilling. Dr. Carson starts with a long introduction that covers two chapters with the attempted separation of Iranian twins. These two young female lawyers

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1100 words - 5 pages deontological ethics. Rule utilitarianism states that the morally right action is one that is in accordance with a moral rule which general observance would create the most happiness. It evaluates a consequence as if it will be later replicated in the future. Rule utilitarianism does not evaluate individual actions separately, but supports rules whose acceptance maximizes utility. In this case, it will be evaluated whether performing such a risky