Will The Homework You Do In Grade School Benefit You? English Research Paper

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Will The Homework You Do In Grade School Benefit You?
Kids should remember their childhood days playing with friends and family, not sitting in their room with their faces shoved in the books. There have been many reasons why younger kids should not have homework during their younger childhood. Students receiving homework in grade school is unnecessary because their parents are the ones who end up doing the homework when students really should be spending time with their parents not bonding over homework. Younger kids having a ton of homework is already a lot for them but also them playing sports is making it almost a job for them. Also, the kids will need to ask questions about the work and they won’t be allowed to at home.
Homework is not beneficial for students especially when their parents do most of it or even sometimes, all of it. A lot of students don’t know what they are doing so they hand it to their parents to do. Usually, the parents don’t want to be mean so they try to help them. Parents, most of the time, don’t remember how to do what they are learning though. Cara Paiuk, an entrepreneur, photographer, and a mother, said, “I would rather my kids bring homework home when they are mature enough to (mostly) do it themselves”. Due to most parents with kids in grade school, the parents end up doing the homework for them which she says, “...homework is not for the children”. Kids need to spend more time with family rather than homework at that age. “The home is for family time...it should not be homework time. Not yet”(Strauss). Most family time is now spent at holidays or on weekends but even then kids have just as much homework as they do on the weekdays. Grade school students are given busy work to keep them occupied instead of being able to spend time with family and friends which that is what they are supposed to do at their age. Instead of kids bonding with their family at a dinner table or on a vacation, they bond by doing homework together.
Students may have a lot of homework, but when sports are also involved, it makes getting homework done a thousand times harder. Abele talks about her daughter in one night having to work on a project and also, “...studying for spanish tests, reading history, writing essays, completing math problems.” Which is a lot for a thirteen year old. “School is already a 35-hour workweek…”(Abeles). Which is only for students who aren't in sports, clubs, or any after school activities. California Interscholastic Federation says that, “high school sports at four hours a day and 18 hours per week...still makes being an athlete a part-time job”(Abeles). Most nights when kids have games they won't get home till late at night when they are too tired to do their homework, they aren't gonna do their homework and are not willing to wake up early in the morning to finish it. That causes them to be tired in school and not be 100% focused.
Homework may be beneficial if given the right amount because it ...


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