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"Winter Dreams" By F. Scott Fitzgeralds

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In "Winter Dreams" by F.Scott Fitzgerald, Dexter experiences an internal conflict between dealing with the reality of things, and throwing it all to the wind to follow his "winter dreams". From the time he was young Dexter's life was characterized by his dreaming. Initially Dexter's dreams are concerned with becoming a golf champion and being famous. Dexter had an urge for the best of everything. As Dexter's dreams progress, they expand to include marrying Judy Jones because she represented to him the best in a woman. As it says in the ...view middle of the document...

Dexter became aware that his dreams of Judy Jones might not be realized. Still not able to deal with reality, he would go out to social dances but only to the ones that Judy might show up at. The biggest struggle of all came eighteen months after he first met Judy. Trying to focus on reality, he became engaged to another girl, Irene. She wasn't the "best of everything" like Judy but he knew she would make a good wife. Their wedding date was fast approaching when Judy Jones came back to town. Dexter was forced with the choice of following his dreams or doing what he knew was best. Like the rest of his life, his dreams dictated his actions. Chasing after the dream of Judy, Dexter breaks the engagement with Irene. True to form, Judy leaves Dexter again. He, however, had no regrets for following his dreams even though he only realized them for a short time. In this realization, he still dwelt on the dream of Judy in his heart and thoughts. Ultimately, he realizes that his dream of Judy Jones is gone when his friend reveals to him that she is married and gotten old. She is no longer the best of everything he had dreamt of. He mourns more for the loss of the dream than for the loss of her. In Dexter's world, ignorance is bliss.

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