Wisconsin Hope Lab Too Distressed To Learn Summary Psyc 330 Summery

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PSYC 330
Wisconsin Hope Lab Too Distressed To Learn Summary
By: Daniel Eisenberg, Sara Goldrick, Sarah Ketchen and Katharine Broton
The number of college students that cope with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders is steadily growing. Surveys at four-year colleges and universities demonstrate that one in three students experience common mental health problems.
Many students enroll in community college because they do not feel ready or prepared for other options. Additionally, mental health may affect their educational decisions and their performance in college. As much as 58% of four-year colleges have on-site psychiatric facilities appropriate for treating mental illness and community colleges have fewer resources along with student populations with higher needs, which may contribute to low graduation rates.
A new survey (2015), an online survey was conducted with students at ten community colleges around the nation and received participation from more than 4,000 undergraduates. The data indicate that poor mental health conditions are prevalent and inadequately addressed among community college students, both in absolute terms and in comparison to students at four-year colleges and universities.
Although, mental illness, most are not treated for nearly a decade despite effective treatment regimens, the total cost to society of mental disorders among people under age 25 is approximately $250 billion each year. With the growing concerns about student mental health, many four-year institutions have developed extensive mental health services and programs. Four-year campuses have made signific...


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